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How on earth can SEAL be used in a PSHCE scheme of work?

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by arth, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Well done arth! Would love a copy of your scheme of work!Sounds like a dream come true! Thanks a lot My e-mail is lizzyoc@hotmail.co.uk
  2. Well done on your NHSS.
    Can I have a copy as well please, we used to use LCP and I have to try to fit it in somewhere, so would be a big help. Thank you
  3. woo hoo - we just got healthy schools status - phew.
  4. Hi everyone,
    I'm new to posting on this site, but seem to be in a similar position to many other people.

    I am also trying to put together a long term plan which links PSHE, SEAL, Healthy schools etc. and have found that this is quite a major job.

    I understand that a lot of hard work has gone into preparing this but if anyone can help me by emailing anything they have done I really would appreciate it.

    Thank you so much

  5. slk


    I'm also in a similar position to other people posting here but am new to this thread.

    I'm also working on a PSCHE and SEAL scheme of work.

    If anyone does have anything they've already done that they are prepared to share I'd really appreciate it.

    my email address is; sendmailtosharon@gmail.com

  6. arth came on very keen to share has anyone received anything?
  7. Hi, im currently going for my first interview. The school require me to do a 30 minute lesson based on citenzenship. Topics include kindness, persevere,trustworthy, honesty, co operative and unselfishnes. i can choose any. im really stuck for ideas. someone help, please.
    Thank you
  8. Hi! Sorry Its been so long, Im now Literacy co-ordinator too-hectic! My email is emlou19@yahoo.com so email me and ill send the stuff (in case Im not on here for a while). Put SEAL in the subject box so I know its not spam.
  9. Hi

    Could I be cheeky and also ask for some ideas on the SEAL stuff....


    Thanks in anticipation...

  10. Hello all you SEAL peeps.....we're launching in September and I want to make it as stress free as poss for our staff........does anyone know if there's a unit/theme/activity checklist for each year group to make monitoring of coverage that little bit sweeter? I don't really want to wade through the units if one already exists somewhere!
    Many thanks, Melanie
  11. Thanks Arth, got your stuff and it is very helpful, just adapting now for my school. Just found out that the deadline for self validation here is June 29th- aaarrrrggggghhhh.!
  12. Glad you found my stuff useful! I thought Id make it easier for people to access my stuff by putting it on the TES resources section. Unfortunately because most of its PSHE it comes up as KS3! Ive put the following on there:
    Separate schemes of work of years 1-6,
    A drugs policy,
    A PSHE policy,
    A Numeracy plan for the first 2 weeks of year 2 (based on the new framework) and
    A PSHE MTP for GOOD TO BE ME (SEAL) for 6 weeks of Spring term in year 2.
    I had loads of other Healthy Schools policies too- but my computer AND my memory stick died on me! If you search for them under PSHE and policy etc (whichever is appropriate) you should find them. Hope they are useful.
  13. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    Some good stuff on there arth. Thanks for taking the time to make and upload!
  14. thank you for sharing
  15. Thats ok!
  16. email sent to you Arth xxx
  17. Ive changed my PSHE stuff in the resource bank to KS1 and or 2 now. It would only let me PSHE down as KS3 before.

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