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How on earth can SEAL be used in a PSHCE scheme of work?

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by arth, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Hi Message for Ellie007

    I have had really good feedback fo=rom a year 4 class on these SEAL based lessons

    Reaching a goal and overcoming any obstacles which may get in the way etc

    Working in groups, the children were given a picture of famous celebs (sports people, pop stars, business, historical figures)
    I used Wayne Rooney, Nelson Mandella, Richard Branson J K Rowling to name a few. With these was a list of Facts about all the people - they had to discuss the person and cut and paste the correct facts to the correct picture. Then they presented their findings to the class. They loved it and you can give the pictures out so that they fit the group.

    Another is a bit sad but they really got into it - about loss and working together as a group.

    A child has a pet who dies - thats the sad bit! - the groups had to work together to produce something to help the child remember the pet and celebrate its life, again feedback given to whole class (photos taken)- we had groups rapping, stories, poems, pictures - again every child joined in and did their bit.

    Dont know if these are any use to you but hope it goes ok next week.

  2. Hi Crazylady!
    Would it be very cheeky of me to ask for a copy of your Scheme of Work? Sounds like it would save me hours of work cross-referencing everything and it would give me something to base our SoW on!! Does your scheme cover citizenship too? Thanks for your help so far!
  3. Hi Pussycatgirl

    I work in a lower school so age group only goes up to 9 yrs which means citizenship is only really covered as would PSHE (road safety, a bit of fair trade and environment stuff)

    Do you have a time scale for coming up with the goods? Only I am being assessed by some people over the next few weeks for my PSHE cert and if anything has been missed I will know then.

    Let me have your email and what you want to do and we can sort something out.

    Take care


  4. Hi Crazylady!
    I need to come up with something by the end of term, so end of June, beginning of July would be good!
    My e-mail address is: david_janetrotman@yahoo.com
    Hope your assessment goes well and thank you so much for your help!
  5. Hi Crazylady,
    I would really love to see your overview, plans and assessment for PSHCE if that's okay. I've just been asked to lead this area in a new primary school from September and I'm unsure how to start with such a big project. Anything you could offer to help start would be really appreciated.
    Many thanks,
  6. Hi all

    Done a full year of SEALs now and have to say, I think it is great. The fact the whole school are working on the same theme is wonderful and really seemed to make an impact in our school. It cannot however, totally replace a PHSCE scheme of work as previously mentione. Bolton LEA have integrated the SEALs materials into their PSHCE scheme (very good) they recommend that every half term you do 4 weeks on SEALs and 2 weeks on the bits that are missing from SEALs. Again seems to work.

    I really want to look at assessment now. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated

    good luck everyone who is starting it, it gets easier as you get into the sequences and materials
  7. Hello Happyhols!
    Any chance at taking a look at Bolton's scheme of work?
  8. takethatno1fan

    takethatno1fan New commenter

    Happyhols - have you got anything you could email from Bolton's SOW? I'm based in Bury as an NQT, but did some of my placements last year in Bolton. I am PSHCE coordinator as from now and am trying to come up with a SOW to incorporate SEAL & PSHCE, and trying to get the school heading for healthy school status, so I would really appreciate any info! alexis_doyle2002@yahoo.co.uk Many thanks! :)
  9. That sounds useful is it possible to access Bolton material if not in LEA
  10. Reading with great interest as trying to dovetail our PSHCE and SEAL together. Also having to look at Healthy Schools, we have been doing the Leeds Healthy Schools agenda and reached level 2, but now have to change to National Healthy Schools Advanced. Lots to look at, so any help would be much appreciated.

    email fishere01@leedslearning.net
  11. Message for 'happyhols'
    hi - Im just about to take over the running of PSHE/SEAL curriculum area in our and am basically starting from stratch. Could I be really cheeky and ask you if you could send me the Bolton SoW too or tell me how I could access it from outside of the LEA? It would be great to have a starting point as I am totally lost with it all!
    Anything at all will be a great help!
    My email is jlojoa@aol.com
    Thanks very much - floa
  12. been told some LEas have now produced a matrix with which areas they belive seal covers well just ok or not atall from pshe eg no sre and drugs poor citizenship so then you could add to this with other resources. Try your lea and ask PSHe advisor what they have done
  13. Been struggling with SEAL for a while. Got a flier from a company last week about running citizenship projects as part of SEAL. Sounded interesting so I sent off for a trial. There's a website for anyone else interested at http://www.elearnco.co.uk
  14. let us know how it goes. What bit are you struggling with
  15. hello crazylady, We have not had a PHSE coordinator at school before, and I have been asked to take up and run with the SEAL materials (Foundation and KS1). I would be very interested in any sow, documents etc that you are working to. If possible, could you email to jenny.seamon@ntlworld.com ? I would be very grateful. Thanks a lot in advance. XX
  16. Hi Crazylady!
    Remember me? How did your PSHE certificate go?
  17. Hi Happyhols - hope you are having a happy hols
    Read with interest info on bolton scheme of work as I am too just starting off as PSHCE co-ordinator and like the sound of integrating SEAL and PSHE - could you email me scheme as am out of authority.
    Thanks very much in advance.
  18. Hi,

    Is there any chance someone could e-mail me the Bolton scheme of work. I couldn't find it when I looked on the Bolton LEA website?


    Many thanks,

  19. Hi Bluerose
    sorry - end of term got in the way!

    Struggling with how you implement SEAL across the whole school. It takes a lot of working with colleagues - and that's challenging!

    The resource I mentioned is called Get Involved. It's about active citizenship projects and links strongly with Going for Goals. We run School Council projects and I can see how it would support them. Although I haven't had a great deal of time with it, it looks like a good resource.

    Now, where's my G&T???

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