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How old where you when you had AH/DH/Headship?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by loopyfrog, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. loopyfrog

    loopyfrog New commenter

    Seems there are are lot of younger SLT, especially in the primary schools.

    I apologise for the horrible typo in the title - very bleary-eyed when I wrote that!
    So, mid 30s, 8 years of teaching, 2/3 years of HoD / HoF... it would be OK to start thinking about it, do you think? Or better to leave a while. Secondary, by the way.
  2. Zeus-ish

    Zeus-ish New commenter

    Started teaching at 32, HoD at 35, AH at 39, DH at 42, first headship at 45, second headship at 48 and yes I think I will still be head at 65 because it is such an amazing job. Female BTW. And forgot to say Secondary.
  3. Saf114

    Saf114 New commenter

    Why would the men be more likely to be considered than the women?
  4. Who knows where the future will take me? I hope so as love the job. There was no strong desire to progress as quickly as I have but I am proud of what I have achieved and glad that I am in the job I am.
  5. loopyfrog

    loopyfrog New commenter

    That's really what I'm trying to work out. I think/hope it's maybe just my perception of the 'system'.

  6. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Ah, but you didn't get your first one until your mid-40s. That's a bit different to getting one when you're 30!
  7. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    It's down to the individual and how you want to see your career develop. Send me a PM and I'll see if I can talk a bit more freely and advise you better?

    But my advice to everyone is - take your time. It's not a race.
  8. I think I will still be in the job when I am 65 as it will never bore me, there are always new challenges etc. Everyoen is different and I say good on anyone who takes on a headship no matter what their age!
  9. Saf114

    Saf114 New commenter

    Found this quite encouraging, as you rarely hear about the good aspects of headship. Don't want to high jack the thread but would like to hear more so will start my own
  10. I was 27 when I became Head of a nursery school.... Still head but in my 3rd Head teacher post in nursery school now.
  11. I think primary senior leaders are still younger than secondary - my 34 year old friend is in first year of primary headship; I'm 32 and HoF in secondary (but I line manage 23 people which is more than her!) However, I do know other secondary HoDs same age who are starting to get AHT positions. It all comes down to your track record / evidence of whole school impact though - 2 years as HoD wouldn't necessarily show this but 3 or 4 might.
  12. fairport

    fairport New commenter

    NQT @ 23
    TLR @ 26
    AHT @ 31
    DHT (1) @ 34
    DHT (2) @ 37
    HT @ 39
    Now 42, stressed out, balding and wondering how I will keep at it for another 20 odd years (but..... I love it and wouldn't swap it for any other job).
  13. I became deputy at 27, was acting head teacher when mine went on maternity leave aged 29, seconded to support another school when my head returned and now I am looking carefully at applying for my first headship of my own school. I am 30, male and in Primary. Although being male helped me get noticed I believe my past experiences, supporting my authority through consultancy work, and evidence of impact / raising standards has been more important. I was on the accelerated headship programme as well which certainly raised my profile and gave me early experience...
  14. 77


    Don't feel old. I tried applying for DH over many years and came off the circuit due to family demands.
    Finally decided to apply again due to husband relocating so became DH at 53. No regrets. Feel that my experience is a real advantage. But it certainly means I won't go for headship.
  15. Female

    NQT 24

    Tlr2 27

    DHT 29

    Team leader large primary 35

    Advisor 38 short lived but a real eye opener.

    Team leader large primary 40

    Awful experience as DHT, controlling HT and bullying staff who disliked any new ides - even reported me to the head when I moved the furniture in my classroom around, she demanded that I put it back how she had left it!!

    I am just considering starting the ball rolling again.... Maybe.... I have early years based experience and I love it so why move into older age groups?
  16. Male.

    Started teaching at 28 in Secondary; 30 HoD; 35 moved to Secondary 'Special'; 41 DH; 43 2nd DH; 45 Acting Headship - it was at this point I realised that being a head might not really be for me (work/life balance). I always enjoyed my roles and felt it was important to have a lead in school policy, vision and direction but the 'politics', external and internal, spoilt it for me. Leaving the profession at 51 as a disillusioned DH.
  17. Primary;
    DHT at 30
    1st HT at 33
    2nd HT at 37
  18. In secondaries I have noticed that SLT are 40+ from my experience.
  19. Deputy at 26 and about to start my first headship at a small primary aged 32.
  20. Im 36 and male and this is my second headship at a secondary, when I first thought of applying for the job I thought the students would laugh me out of the job but from day one as a headteacher I've never had any problems, the best part of my career is saving a school from closing!

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