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How old is too old

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by justamum, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. justamum

    justamum New commenter

    I have seen an advert for DH - I tick all of the boxes and have all of the relevant experience. However, I am 50. Would that immediately mean that I would be rejected in shortlisting?
  2. NewToTeachingOldToMaths

    NewToTeachingOldToMaths Lead commenter

    It shouldn't.

    Discrimination on grounds of age is no more lawful nowadays than discrimination on grounds of race, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

    There is (or rather, there should be) no such thing as "too old".
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  3. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    It is highly unlikely that the application form asks for a date of birth, so at the time of shortlisting the panel wouldn't know your age.

    I'm studying for a Masters in Educational Leadership. When I went to the residential, most other people were at my stage of career, looking for a first DH post, and about the same age as me, between 40 and 50. However most people were also teaching in the independent sector, where age and experience are (mostly) still seen as a good thing.

    Go for it, you never know.
  4. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    I guess it depends on whether they like you. I think other factors- those indefinable certain somethings that makes you the right fit for a post - will be more important. Job hunting is a lottery.
  5. install

    install Star commenter

    The application form will most likely ask for a date of birth but that should not hinder you from applying. There are most likely alot of cliques to battle with too so still apply.

    Good Luck!
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2016
  6. jago123

    jago123 Established commenter

    The school should not discriminate you for age. The only reason they could really reject you from shortlist is that they have more 'suitably' qualified candidates for the role.
    To be honest, I would rather have an experienced deputy who has seen the ins and outs of teaching rather than someone who has been in the industry for 5 years or so and has not seen further than their classroom!!
    Remember to sell yourself at the interview. Ask yourself, why you want this job? Are you looking to progress to a HT role? If successful, what qualities could you bring to support the leadership of the school?
  7. abacus1982

    abacus1982 Occasional commenter

    Don't think being 50 is an issue. I've been doing a course recently with DHTs and lots are in the first three years of the role and are in their 40s-50s. It could be in your favour ahead of a 20 something who's only been teaching 3 years.
  8. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Lead commenter

    The form may not ask for your date of birth, but it usually asks for academic and employment histories with dates, so it's easy to work it out.
  9. install

    install Star commenter

    Your dob will most likely be known and at shortlisting too - but still apply OP. You have nothing to lose - don't let it put you off .
  10. justamum

    justamum New commenter

    Thank you all for your advice - I am planning to apply.
  11. brighton56

    brighton56 Occasional commenter

    Good luck Justamum. If this one does not work out then keep trying.
  12. unfoggingblogger

    unfoggingblogger Occasional commenter

    That's a perfect age for a DH!
  13. Flyingcarpet

    Flyingcarpet New commenter

    Never be put off applying for a job due to your age.
    If you have the skills, ability and desire to do that job then go for it.
    I delayed going for more demanding leadership roles and remained as a teacher for years but that was my choice based on my family. Once my Family grew older I started putting myself forward for things and I was successful in gaining promotions including to SLT.
    However I am still resentful that I had to see less experienced people over the years taking on roles because they were the only ones applying.
    However I still feel that I could not have taken on more when my children were younger and even then I still was working incredibly long hours .
    You have do what suits you and your personal situation.
    Good luck
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  14. coakley_l

    coakley_l New commenter

    Just about to go into my second term in a good/outstanding school in London and I am 53. Definitely appointed as DHT because of my experience and still have a lot to learn!
  15. elder_cat

    elder_cat Established commenter

    I would suggest that if you are still here, then by default, you are not too old.:D

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