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How much?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by h4zelh, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Has anyone worked out how much this is actually going to cost. If I get on a course my plan was to use the bursary for the tuition fees and I have a little savings to live on, but now its all different. I am thinking that with the course fees, living costs this could be very expensive.
  2. You will still receive a tuition fee loan to pay for university fees. You can also apply for a maintanence loan and a maintenence grant.
  3. I did the tuition loan before on my undergrad and it took I ended up adding it to my mortgage to pay it off as it just wasnt getting paid off as the interest was so high.

    What are the maintenance loan and grant?? What makes the criteria for a loan or grant?
  4. Everyone doing a pgce is entitled to take out a tuition fee loan. Something you don't pay back until you are working.
    You are also entitled to apply for a maintenance loan of just under £4000. You also pay this once you are working.
    If your household income is below £30000, you are able to apply for a maintenance grant of just below £3000. This is not repayable!
    It is also likely that if you are entitled to the maintenance grant, you will be eligible for a small bursary from your univeristy of around £1000. This is also non repayable.
  5. Oh brilliant! I thought that Id be screwed! I was looking at £4000 fees and £8,000 living money. Now its just my living money, lol
  6. You will be fine.
    I'm doing my PGCE this year and after tuition fees I have had £12,000 to live on.
    Taking in to account that the tda bursary of £4000 has now been cut someone with the same financial background of me would expect to get around £8000 if starting their training in sept 2011.
  7. Is that through loans?? What happens if we cant get jobs in teaching after PGCE?? If we get any job we will still have to pay them back? Are they like they used to be or are they ones that have to paid back like a normal loan??
  8. Maintenance loan = £4000
    (Paid back directly out of your wage at the same time as your tuition loan if you are in a job of £15,000 or more)
    Maintenance grant = £3000
    University bursary = £1000
    (Not repayable but can only be given if you also have the loans).
    Obviously I cannot guarantee this but it is how it's worked for me.

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