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how much would you expect to be paid for an afternoon job.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Njambu, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Assuming you are on a daily rate of £120 how much would you expect an agency to pay you (before tax). thanks
  2. brunetta

    brunetta New commenter

    My agency pays me half my daily rate whether I do a morning or an afternoon. Doesn't matter that the afternoon stint is slightly shorter than the morning stint, it's the same - half pay. However, it is an independent agency and as such I think it charges schools less than some of the bigger agencies so maybe schools don't quibble with them over the hours worked and the pay?
    If I were on £120, I would expect £60 for an afternoon.
  3. i work for the council and if I'm not working a full day then I get paid hourly at £21. I have to enter my hours onto a timesheet every week and can put in5 hours for a day, however many hours for a morning or afternoon and then 15, 30 or 45mins. Most school afternoons are 2 hours so I get £42. : )
  4. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    My agency and the local LEA assumes the school day is 6.5 hours long for supply pay purposes. I'd expect to get paid for a bit less than half that, say 2-3 hours depending on the school's timetable.

    £120 divided by 6.5 = £18.46 an hour.
  5. Everyone knows that 4 out of 5 lessons is "half a day's work", as far as agencies are concerned. So, in light of this, I'd say the 5th was also half a day's work. One thing is certain, you can argue the toss as much as you like, but "the bit before lunch" is most certainly not 4/5 of a day pay wise. ROFL if it wasn't so true.
  6. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    Sometimes I get half my days pay (which I only know as after tax with holiday pay) works out at £44, that is with a private agency.
    With the big agency linked to the LA I get just over £23 an hour. so could be between £46 and £56 depending on how long the afternoon session is.

  7. The to-scale hourly rate is your payscale point divided by 1265 hours. £120 reads like an "hourly rate" LEA, 5.15 or so hours, or else it is day rate about M2, but M2 is 23,295 annual, £18.41 per hour. M6 is £31552 annual, = £24.94 per hour=£161.80 per day.
    My agency splits the day 50:50 regardless of hours, so I would get £65 or £67.50 depending on which school I worked in.
  8. HAYS has been paying its supply teachers its so called "premium rate" of £100 per day max for the last 5 years! £120/day seems relatively good?

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