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How much to charge for tutoring?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by cazabelle, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    a family friend has asked me to charge for tutoring her two primary school children. How much should I ask for?
  2. It's really up to you to set the price, but I know some people who tutor for about £25 an hour. When I did extra One-to-One tuition at a school I was working at a few years ago, I got paid £30 an hour.

    You'll have to make a call because you know your friend and probably have a sense of what their financial situation is and what they'll be expecting/willing to pay.
  3. Hoping2012

    Hoping2012 New commenter

    i am interested in tutoring, was the one to one tuition you did, part of the govt inciative???
    Can you tell me a bit more about it - did you have to prepare the work? or did you just go over what the child wanted to learn about???
  4. I'm not sure if it was part of the government initiative. The school had received a certain amount of money from the borough and teachers in English and Maths could volunteer to have one or two students and tutor them based on their needs. Each student got 10 hours of tuition funding.

    I planned what I was doing with both my students. One student was in Key Stage 4 and we worked on his writing that he was doing in his regular English lessons, as prep for coursework and exam writing. The other student was in Year 8 and EAL, so we spent an hour identifying what he needed to be working on and what he wanted to improve on, and spent the rest of the time doing more basic english work, along with reading.
  5. I charge £20 an hour for primary - but the costs vary regionally quite a bit.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    £25 - £30 an hour up North for GCSE.
  7. Hoping2012

    Hoping2012 New commenter

    Are you wroking as a independent tutor? as i have found a couple of sites that offer tutoring, i am assumng that they will set the tutor rates.

    Do you know what the rate would be for the London area for primary? Is it tutoring within the primary school age range quite popular?
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Do a search for London Tutors and see what comes up.
  9. I do a mix of independent via word of mouth (this side's going nuts now) and work through an agency - they do a recommended band of charges per hour - I'm inside that band with what I charge but I'm in the midlands so I guess London is more.
    As for how popular, this year I seem to be one of only one or two primary bods in the local area - so I could be out for 2-3 kids an evening every night if I wanted to be, it's literally gone mental - but I've a suspicion there isn't much competition here and I'm clustered in among a few middle-classish areas so very well placed.

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