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How much time is allocated for maths.

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by soux, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. soux

    soux New commenter

    How many lessons and how long for Y7 - Y11 do you get in your school.

    How much homework do you give.

    Do you finish the schemes of work.

    I believe 5 hrs is pretty standard for A levels.

    thanks in advance

  2. soux

    soux New commenter

    How many lessons and how long for Y7 - Y11 do you get in your school.

    How much homework do you give.

    Do you finish the schemes of work.

    I believe 5 hrs is pretty standard for A levels.

    thanks in advance

  3. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    year 7-11 have 200 mins per week - 4x50
    1 homework per week
    year 8 and 9 SoW gets a bit rushed in summer, but there's lots of repetition then so it's not much of a problem
  4. ks3 3x60
    ks4 4x60 9dropping to 3x60 next year)
    ks5 4x60 (not enough)
  5. 1 home work a week

    yes finish with ease
  6. currently 3 hours a week for each year group (5 hours for A level). Changing to a fortnight timetable in September, will then have 7 hours a fortnight in KS4.

    one homework a week for each year group, growing from 30 minutes to an hour depending on year group

    As for SoW's, pretty much - year 11 is really tight at the moment - changed to modular last year and struggling to fit everything in along with coursework, finding it easier in year 10 with no coursework
  7. soux

    soux New commenter

    Thank you very much for the rapid response.
  8. KS3 - 2 X 85 min or 1 X 85min + 2 X 45 min
    KS4 - 2 X 85 min or 1 X 85min + 2 X 45 min
    KS5 - 3 X 85 min

    We are desperate to move to 60 min lessons!
  9. 2 week timetable :

    Yr 7 7 x 1 hour 4 homeworks
    Yr 8 6 x 1 hour 4 homeworks
    Yr 9 7 x 1 hour 4 homeworks
    Yr 10 6 x 1 hour 5 homeworks
    Yr 11 7 x 1 hour 5 homeworks

    Yr 12/13 10 x 1 hour
  10. 4 x 50mins per week (all year groups, 11-16 school).

    Our KS3 SoW is built around these timings so we do finish. KS4 we get there towards the end of year 11 with a bit of time for some revision but not like some other subjects who are quite open about having alread finished their curriculum and are now revising with year 11).

  11. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    7: 2 x 75min, 2 hw
    8: 3 x 75min, 2 hw
    9: 2 x 75min, 2 hw
    10: 2 x 75min, 2 hw
    11: 3 x 75min, 3 hw

    next year
    all years: 3 x 60min, probably 2hw

    at 6th form, probably moving from 4 x 75min to 5 x 60min
  12. HB1


    Gosh, I'm astonished by the variation.

    We have a 2 week timetable.

    6 x 1 hour for Y7 and 8 (4 homeworks)
    5 x 1 hour for Y9 (4 HWs)
    6 x 1 hour for Y10 (4 or 5 HWs can't remember)
    5 x 1 hour for Y11 (ditto)
    Also 5 x 1 hr for Y11 stats (for students who did ICT GCSE in Y10)
    8 x 1 hour for Y12 + 13.

    Next year moving to:
    6 x 1 hr for Y7
    5 x 1 hr for Y8/9
    7 x 1 hr for Y10 + 11 (but also losing 5 x 1 hr for stats - which we are going to absorb into maths time in some way yet to be decided).

  13. agree with post 11

    also curious as to how people manage setting homework every lesson (one post saw year 7 twice a week and set 2 homeworks a week) or even setting it 2 out of 3 lessons. Do you give sheets/booklets? do you mark it in lessons?

    Also, do you feel the pupils need that much homework? what type of homework do you set? is it consolidation work/finish off classwork?
  14. TonyM19

    TonyM19 Occasional commenter

    3x1 hour in KS3
    4x1 hour in Y10 (top 4 of 6 sets do Stats at the end of Y10)
    3x1 hour in Y11

    We set 1 homework per week.
  15. I have resurrected an old post because I used it to work out some 'average' allocations. My rough calculations based on the responses were that, in minutes per week, the means were
    KS3 181
    KS4 198
    KS5 266

    Budget restraints have been blamed for next year's allocation which equates to
    KS3 y7 180, y8 180, y9 150
    KS4 180 for 6 groups and 150 for 3 groups
    KS5 240

    The answer to the question I posed, "How are we supposed to maintain results with reduced teaching time?" was, "By relying on your professionalism"

    It has also been suggested that a number of other schools deliver in 5 lessons or less (per 2 week cycle)

    I should be interested to hear of any correspondents who deliver the curriculum in 150 minutes or less per week. Admittedly the 150 minutes is going to be limited to year 9 in KS 3 and students who are doing a GNVQ course in year 10, but some of the year 10 students would normally be targeted to get a grade C (or possibly B) if they had 180 minutes.

  16. KS3/4 - 6 hrs a fortnight
    KS5 - 9 hrs a fortnight

    Very difficult to get through Curriculum.
  17. KS3 - 1x180min and 1x90min lessons per week (changing to 3 x 90mins next year)
    KS4 - 1x180min and 1x90min lessons per week
    KS5 - 2x180min per week
  18. 11-16 School.

    All years = 3 x 60 mins per week. Homework is nominally 1 per week, but so few do it as to make it pointless.

    We don't get through everything in KS4, but the kids can't remember anything for more than 24 hours anyway, so not completing the curriculum is irrelevant. To be honest, you SHOULD be able to complete each group's TARGET levels/grades in the time allocated if it's the same as above. The problem is, they will undoubtedly come across topics they have forgotten or never met, as that's the nature of Maths testing.
  19. weggster

    weggster New commenter

    We have 7 x 50 = 350 mins per fortnight at both KS3 and KS4.

    Feel a bit short changed looking at how much everyone else gets.

    I bet FFT NEVER takes the amount of lesson time you have!

  20. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    3 hours a week for Years 7 & 8 (a middle school), it used to be 3.5 hours a week, with English also getting 3.5 hours, but we decided to 'give' our half hour to the English department, so we get 3 and they get 4 hours a week. suited us as the half hour lesson was a waste of space.

    Pupils always feel quite hard done by as they are used to have 5 hours a week in Yrs 5 & 6 with us (but also they are pleased that they are not having as much!)

    Nominally 1 homework a week, but I tend to avoid this as much as possible (e.g. set homework in Jan to be in last week - a longer project type thing!)

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