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How much support do you give?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by kanddd, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Working with a student teacher in class at present. She is not very good on class behaviour. Its difficult to know how much input I should put in regarding keeping the class under control. I know she has to learn about strategies. Do I interfere or do I leave her to it?
  2. Is the class teacher aware of the situation?
  3. I'd say ask her. When I worked with a student she was quite open about what she was struggling on and was very happy for me to help in areas where I could, including behaviour management. If she's being observed then maybe she does need to show she can control the class herself, but you could give her some pointers on what works well with that particular class (obv only if she stays with the same class). If she'd rather learn by working things out for herself then that's up to her too :)
  4. It's really hard isn't it, giving the right level of support without "stepping in" or "leaving them to flounder".
    When I've been in this situation in the past I've asked the class teacher for advice. Sometimes the advice was "ask the student." In that case I have explained my usual strategiess to the student, and checked that they are happy for me to behave in that way when they are leading the lesson.
    I'm talking from a Primary perspective here, when you spend all day with the same children I think it's important that they see your behaviour as consistent.

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