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How much should/will I get paid? After Tax

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by TheMoje, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. TheMoje

    TheMoje New commenter

    I've been getting £1052 after all deductions, now that my tax is sorted (got a nice little £1000 rebate in December :-D), how much will I be getting paid?

    Cheers :-D
  2. TheMoje

    TheMoje New commenter

    I've been getting £1052 after all deductions, now that my tax is sorted (got a nice little £1000 rebate in December :-D), how much will I be getting paid?

    Cheers :-D
  3. TheMoje

    TheMoje New commenter

    I did, just wanted to get some real comments from people :-D
  4. I get £1052 - is that wrong?
  5. I get £1250 a month after tax and pension. I am on the fringe payscale. Hope this helps. :)
  6. TheMoje

    TheMoje New commenter

    vg1980, you can smile, because your probably due a tax rebate. Me and my housemate both got about £1000 back in December...

    Which was nice :-D

    I'm not in the fringe, so I'm expecting about £1150, which is obviously £100 a month more than I'm currently getting...

    Any one out of London care to comment? ;0
  7. woo hoo - do i need to do anything to get tax rebate or will it just happen? Sorry to sound like a bit of an idiot. but i don't really understand tax stuff.
  8. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    vg1980 - have a look on your payslip to see if your tax code is listed. It should be 503L or something very similar. If it's BR, then you've been paying 'emergency tax' at 22% since you started work and wil be due a refund.
    In that case, speak to your school bursar about getting it corrected.
  9. Think its BR... ooh I'm getting all excited now at the possible prospect of a tax refund.
  10. TheMoje

    TheMoje New commenter

    If I were you, skip any one else and start talking to the Inland Revenue directly, ring them, explain you've been on an emergency tac code and that you need putting onto a normal tax code. There is nothing that the bursar or the HR department can do.

    I got over £2000 back in the summer from my part time job at uni, Sainsbury's payroll department didn't do sqwat... I spoke to the Inland Revenue myself and got the money back (including from previous tax years) in a few weeks.

    I rang them again in December, explained the situation and got it on December 19th when I got paid.
  11. TheMoje

    TheMoje New commenter

    Oh and if you do get a refund...

    I want a pint :-D
  12. I'm going to ring inland revenue tomorrow...have just moved house and a rebate would be very handy.
    ...if i get a rebate i'll buy you 2 pints!!!
  13. Hi there, you will need to either send a P45 to them or fill in a P46. I was on the emergency tax code and received a rebate in my next pay cheque. Good luck!
  14. I work in London and take home £1410 after tax, NI and pension.
  15. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    No point in ringing the IR. They'll tell you to pass a P46 to your employer.

    IF you wait until April, THEN, it will be dealing direct with IR. Until that point, it's a payroll issue, since they are responsible for your PAYE.
  16. TheMoje

    TheMoje New commenter

    I rang the IR in December and got it sorted...

    They mentioned nothing about the P46... or P45... Both of which were given to HR in September.

    I do agree after April it is an IR issue, I'm not saying your wrong, but that was my experience.

    Anyway... Any one out of London care to get back onto topic?


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