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How much should we charge?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by evariste_galois, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I think it depends in part where you live. Back in 2002, when I lived in Oxford, I was charging £40 an hour. I now live in York and charge £30. My students come to me.

    The ATL recommended rate for private tuition is £30 per hour.
  2. I agree with evariste_galois. It really does depend on where you live. Other factors you might consider are the level of tuition (KS3, 4 or 5), subject (I'd say charge more for maths, sciences & languages) and location (if you go to the students, then think about transport costs).
    I tutor an A-level science in the Oxford area at the students home and charge 32 or 35 per hour depending on distance I have to travel.
  3. Hi, I am also debating what to charge for an hours lesson. I have just qualified as a Specialist Teacher for children with SpLd this also includes being able to diagnose dyslexia. I live in West Yorkshire and I have no idea what to charge. Thank you
  4. I charge between £20 and £25 per hour in London for primary tutoring. There are four of us at school who do tutoring. Most of the children we tutor are from the school we work in. We know that we could be charging more, but I have a slight guilt, some of the parents don't have much additional money and I'd feel a little bad taking it. I'm happy with what I get!
  5. To jamesmelanie1:

    As a specialist SpLD teacher you would typically charge more than as a non-specialist tutor. The Patoss website has some very good advice for private dyslexia teachers, including dealing with parents and schools, insurance, homework, fees etc etc. Unfortuately I can't find anywhere on there that mentions the fee guidelines, but there was definitely a survey done of Patoss members recently, which was described in one of the Patoss bulletins, which I think gave £30 per hour as an average fee charged. It will, however, depend on location, key stage and the specialist nature of the teaching. In my area I know of private dyslexia teachers charging anything between £20 and £45 per hour! It may be an idea to make contact with other similar teachers in your area and find out what the going rate is, for individual or group lessons.
    There is similar variation in fees charged for specialist teacher assessments, but as a rule of thumb it's worth finding out how much the full private Ed Psychs reports are and pricing accordingly lower! I price mine individually, worked out on an hourly rate, by adding up the number of hours of assessment, plus a similar number of hours for scoring, interpreting and writing the report, plus one more hour for meeting/discussing with the parents. Hope this helps?
  6. Charges and fees by private tutors obviously depends on several factors as previously mentioned such as experience, the subjects and levels offered and also the location in the UK of where you are offering private tutoring from.
    As a guideline you may wish to visit Home Tutors Directory and click on the area of the UK where you will be offering private tuition.This will give you an idea of what the current charges per hour are for most subjects in your area of the UK.
    Alternatively you may wish to take a quick look at the Tutors Guide as previously mentioned in the "getting started" thread.There is some advice on what to charge as well as factors to consider when charging for tuition.
    Hope this helps some of your queries.
  7. Whoops sorry !! The links I added in my previous response do not appear to work and there are no paragraphs (perhaps because I typed my response into notepad, before I copied it across ) Hopefully they will work this time !!

    However here they are again just incase anyone is interested :


    (general average prices in the UK for private tuition and other factors determining what a private tutor should charge)


    ( to check current rates for private tuition in the UK)
  8. TES_Community

    TES_Community Administrator

    I've fixed the paragraphs and links.
    If you paste from Word or Notepad always click the "Paste as text" icon to remove any hidden formatting/codes.Creating a paragraph break depends which browser you are using.
    For Internet Explorer and Firefox, you simply press the return key twice. The same applies when you post a link and these work best on a line on their own.
    To create new paragraphs in Google Chrome, type at the start of your line of text and end it with
  9. I always prefer to do online tutoring if compared wit pvt. in house tutoring. Though the charges for online tutoring are low comparative to traditional tutoring but I save considerable time and money that is wasted I commuting. Normally I charge 12-15 £ per hour.
  10. algebraisfun

    algebraisfun New commenter

    My rate, to visit pupils at home (up to 3 miles, beyond that I add travelling costs at 50p per mile), is £25 ph for KS3, £30 ph for KS4, £35 ph for KS5. I will offer discounts for lessons that are longer than 1 hour, eg £60 for 2 hour KS5 lesson. I am in the Midlands area.
  11. Maybe I'm undercharging! I currently charge £20 per hour for all levels with a £2 travelling fee outside of my town. I'm in the Midlands too.
  12. I too charge £20 per hour for all levels upto GCSE. I charge £25 for A level, because of the extra work this entails. Any degree courses I take on are charged at least £30 an hour. I travel to my students and have a map with concentric rings around my house to decide how much to charge for travelling, but remember that you can claim travel expenses on your tax returns. The area I live in, in Wales, is not very affluent and I have to set my charges with this in mind. I have no problem getting students and considering some employed teachers are offering to tutor students for as little as £5 I think I'm setting my charges about right.
  13. princessdani22

    princessdani22 New commenter

    I definitely undercharged!! I did private tuition for a year whilst I was working full time in a Nursery before my Primary PGCE year.. I charged £15 an hour up to GCSE and £20 an hour A level.
    I wanted to make private tuition more accessible to normal people instead of charging a lot.
  14. I have charged £15 for and hour Primary level (friend's children!).
    OR £5 per 15 minutes when I've been asked to work with a Year 1 child and a 'poor concentrator' Year 3. These have to be taught according to their concentration etc. I may only teach 30 minutes one day and the ful hour another!
    I think it's reasonable to be flexible for each circumstance/location/age/subject.
  15. starlightexpress

    starlightexpress Occasional commenter

    I charge £15-£20 ph for Primary. Definitely £20 if agency fees have to be paid. The most I have charged was with one agency in outer London and that was £26 ph at the higher travel fee. The range there was £24-26 ph. Obviously fees of 20% had to come out of this. Ideally it is not worth my time and effort for less than £15 ph. I base this on my usual teaching salary rate per hour at take home rate. At £15 ph the parents feel they are getting a very good deal as they realise that fees can be up to £30 ph for Primary. I think it right that GCSE and A level charge more. For Primary though I prepare for lessons, I could do it without preparation as the areas I work on are usually similar regardless of age due to support required and the usual concepts needing development.

  16. I am going to be tutoring twins (KS 3) who are being home-schooled so should I charge £25 per child per hour or £25 for the hour? (buy one get one free as it's twins [​IMG] )
  17. Go for a compromise ! I charge £20 an hour for one child ( Primary ) and when asked to do 2 together decided to charge £30 an hour so £15 each. They get a good rate and I feel happy with it. It is harder to Tutor 2 at a time so didn't think I could charge the same as for one. The Parents agreed so must be Ok with it.
  18. thanks for the reply I have quoted £40 for the two (it's a practical subject so we all will have to travel to a 'venue' where we can make a mess)
  19. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

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