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How much progress should they make in reading from July - October?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lilybett, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Hey,
    We have to submit data for chn's reading levels tomorrow. We have to say where they were in July and where they were in Oct. I only took over the class in Oct so am still working to assess whereabouts each child 'is'. I've been looking at their reading records, from Y2 and now into Y3 and to be honest, none of them seem to have made any progress from July to Oct. How much do they expect them to make? I thought that often children fell back a bit when they come back in Sep, too. I feel like my whole list is going to be 'SAME AS JULY' and I should be able to say they've moved up but is this really realistic?
    There are a few chn who have been on the same reading level for two years and every comment is 'v good, v good' so I think they should be moved up - which I will do. There's also a child operating at about P6 who has been 'reading' Level 1 books for two years - and every comment is 'struggled, no understanding, guessing not reading' etc. I feel like flagging this up is slagging off the Y2 teachers, though?
    Anyway. Seriously, please could someone let me know what reading progress Y2 --> Y3s should have made from July - Sep?!?!!?! I need to see where this is going so wrong, if it is! x
  2. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    Sorry I don't know, but there's that whole research paper somewhere showing progress made at different stages. Someone else might send you the link. From memory, backwards over the summer bit of progress in Autumn Term, but in the Spring term, loads in the summer term. Not sure how much this is to do with learning, and how much to do with assessment. It didn't really go into the whys and wherefores.

    My own children I do hope progress over the summer holiday in some ways more than they do during term-time as they have more time to read!!
    I'm sure there are others who fall back, others who stay the same.
    What always puzzles me is why schools don't set up summer reading projects - not obligatory of course - but something fun and motivating which gets kids wanting to read more over the summer. And for children who are still learning to read it's a hard time to progress as unless school can dole out loads of appropriate reading scheme books that get progressively more difficult it's unlikely they will learn to read better unless they fall into the category of child who just learns to read by looking at print.
  3. not sure that I can really help other than to say that we do APP and when we did it at the end of the first half term, end Oct, our Lit co-ord and schools assessment leader said that maintenance of levels was the key in that period. My Y3's pretty much came out as that, same as in July, there was one or two who'd made a slight improvement. I have noticed more improvement in these past few weeks in all respects and hope when we assess again at the end of this term I will indeed see that all have progressed; well apart from my SEN chn who may have made tiny amounts of progress.
  4. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    Absolutely no progress whatsoever! What with 6 weeks of no reading in the Summer holidays, going backwards, it's all you can do to get them back to where they were by October.
  5. Thanks so much for replying to another stress-yell.
    I asked a few colleagues I knew wouldn't blab after school and they are saying their whole class has stayed where they were - several have even gone down due to coming up with incorrect levels and being honest makes it look like they're going backwards. I'm doing this, too. Phew. We suspect SMT will be unhappy but I am so relieved everyone is just being honest and not just supporting the charade of insanely over-inflated levels cos it ain't doing anyone any good! xxx
  6. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Good point about 'being honest' now is your baseline assessment level will be fairly low, allowing you masses of room for improvement, by the next time they're assessed. All due to your brilliant teaching!
  7. I'm actually quite enjoying this now! I now WANT someone to ask me why J.R. has gone from a 2B to a 1A so I can show them her English book and the complete gobbledy-gook it's filled with!!! Starting to see the really crazy side of teaching...! xx

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