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how much notice should you recieve for an observation?

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by Middlemarch, May 26, 2011.

  1. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    There is no law or even a rule that heads must follow - unions would like a certain amount of notice to be given, but heads are under no obligation to follow their 'recommendation'.
    Not a good idea, was it? The head has every right to ensure that proper, planned lessons are being taught right up to the end of term. I know some teachers like to faff about at the end of term, but it's merely selling the children short.

    NB was this just before Easter or (as I suspect) just before the end of the half term? If the latter, I'm afraid that's an even worse waste of teaching and learning time.
  2. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Observation of lessons isn't about giving you the chance to 'show off' - it's mostly so that the head (who is responsible for standards) can see what's happening in classrooms. There's an extremely good chance that the head of this school was fed up of telling staff to teach proper lessons until the end of term and wanted to see if his/her instruction was being carried out; there's every chance (and we don't know, because all we've got to go on is the OP's version of events) that the OP had become known for faffing around too much and not doing properly planned lessons.
    However, if you're an NQT, you need to be aware that at any time someone can come into your room and see what's going on. Complaining that you weren't able to alter what you had planned to do - which was clearly not showing you meeting the NQT standards - is naive.
  3. So was it written down? I also had my Friday math lesson completing 3 different projects which needing some extra time but had this written in my weekly plan as I knew I wanted to use some of this work for display (so wanted good quality) Plus i have had several children out for level 6 papers during the week, so used the opportunity to work with this group checking that they fully understood all the learning of the week.
    Friday afternoon was a french assessment then finishing RE art work, again because i want it done for display.. but the LO was the same as previous lesson. Had lots of SLT popping in and out for various things but not sure that i would have appreciated an observation!!


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