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How much non-contact time does an HoD get?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by paulie86, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. louise28k

    louise28k New commenter

    Absolutely outrageous!!!! Your poor department.
  2. Agreed - it's all different. We all agree there should be more time to do the job effectively!
    I'm in my second year as Head of English and I teach 39 out of 50 at the mo, in November this will rise to 41 due to timetable issues.
    4 PPA per fortnight, 3 non contact where we can be taken for cover - whatever happened to rarely cover? - and 2 timetabled meetings. A trainee will enter the fray in Oct and my second and I will mentor her in our own time but at least we're sharing the load. heavy going - yes; unfair - yes. any answers?
    Then there's the timetabled detentions we have to do - 12 in a year - after school for an hour. But the duty is lighter than at my old school
  3. We have a 50 period fortnight (25 per week) and I get 5 PPA per fortnight and 6 management periods......so I teach 39/50.......quite a heavy load when you look at what SLT teach and given all the bl**dy hoops we have to jump through.
  4. 13 out of 25 might sound a little low but surely it depends on what September is doing with that time. He clearly states that he is the first line of cover support, so i guess that eats into his non-teaching time quite substantially! If he is spending his time observing his staff, providing them with support, looking at curriculum, schemes of work, resources, etc, then this might actually be very good for the dept!

    Outside teaching, my experience has been that team/dept managers get a far higher percentage of time doing management activities than HoDs and HoYs
  5. My friend, I teach 26 out of 30 lessons per week and I am Head of Faculty and Head of Middle school !
    Its awful !
    Try asking your Union Rep for advice.
  6. Core HOD. No fewer lessons than anyone else. I know it's not right but there's nothing I can do about it.
  7. briceanus

    briceanus New commenter

    43 out of 50 per fortnight, including 19 on the bounce from Monday P1 to Thursday P4.
    If there's any issues early in the week, has to wait til Thursday or Friday.

    SMT chose it, they'll have to deal with any circumstances because of it.
  8. millicent_bystander

    millicent_bystander New commenter

    We have a two week timetable and teach 100 minute lessons - 30 lessons per fortnight. I teach 22/30, standard teachers teach 26/30. As a core subject head (English) with vast improvements to make and also a year 11 tutor group, it's a tough call. Interesting to see that the grass isn't any greener though ...
  9. My TT this year is now 5 PPA and one NC out of 50. Nothing for being HOD. I also do Literacy and have no 2ic. This half term we're expecting a visit from a company because of the slight dip in results [we were no 1 in the authority last year] because we must be 'missing something'. Next half term dept review and later this year Ofsted.

    I'm at my desk by 7 and rarely leave before 6. I work at least one day per weekend and most holidays.

    I feel like ***.
  10. Just told this restriction only applies to HOD in Eng and Maths.
  11. Am I mad?
  12. fairypenny

    fairypenny Occasional commenter

    'Normal' teachers teach 20/25, NQTs teach 18/25 and as a HOD of a one-person department, I teach 19/25. HODs of larger departments teach between 15 and 19 a week.
  13. Mrs Grumpy

    Mrs Grumpy New commenter

    I actually ended up one year, because of a combination of events, with the heaviest teaching and other work load in the entire large subject department I led! Never lived that down.
  14. As a HoF, I teach 38/50 lessons whereas 'normal' teachers teach 42/50. I get 4 PPAs and 8 non-contact which is my 'HoF' time. I cannot be taken for cover. Despite the fact that I have so much protected time and that I get a lot done during the working day, I still work 1 day at the weekend.

    (We've just had a change in Headship, so she's given us more time to actually do the job. Previous to her appointment, I taught 38/50 and had 4 PPAs and 8 frees when I could be taken for cover).
  15. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    At one time the rule in my school was - no time allowed, on the basis that HoDs are paid extra to do more work. This has shifted and HoD teaching load is now about 90% of a standard teacher's load.

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