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How much non-contact time does an HoD get?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by paulie86, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    I get 2.5 PPA plus a futher 1.5 non-contact but this is the same as all teaching staff at my school. Only core subject heads get an additional hour so 2.5 PPA and 2.5 non-contact.
  2. I get an extra 40 minutes per week. The timetable stinks! If you are a HoD then you can (might be able to) arrange your department's timetable so that you are under and everyone else is on allocation?
  3. san38

    san38 New commenter

    HODs here teach 21 out of 25. NQT induction should normally be done by a school induction tutor who will induct all NQTs not by the HOD. I have had NQTs and not been involved officlaiyy in theri induction or had any time given to do so.
  4. thepd

    thepd New commenter

    At our place, HOD gets 10 non-contact lessons per fortnight (8 hours 20 minutes). Non HOD, full- time staff get 6 non-contacts (5 hours).
  5. in my new place i get 34 lessons per fornight of a 50 hour week. Non HOD gets 40 lessons per fortnight.

    Currently i teach 36 hours per fortnight (non HOD teach 41)
  6. brush75

    brush75 New commenter

    I get 2.5 hours more non-contact time per week than a "standard" teacher, though 50 mins of that per week is reserved for a meeting with my line manager and also 50 minutes every 3 weeks for a core heads meeting, so effectively about 1.5 hours more per week.
  7. OckhamsRazor

    OckhamsRazor New commenter

    We have a timetabled hour for NQT mentoring - not necessarily the HoD, though. Can you delegate? Is there someone in the department who might be a lesson light?

    Should be raised with SLT, though.
  8. thank you for your replies. It seems that there is no set rule.

  9. tyler durden

    tyler durden New commenter

    At my school HoDs of core subjects teach 15 periods per week. Teachers have a workload of about 21 periods.
  10. This is where I would like to work =)
  11. 2 week timetable of 25 periods per week. Mainscale teachers are on 44/50HODs are on 39/50 - one of which is a meeting with SLT faculty link person. Personally, I'm one over timetable this year as I refuse to split anymore classes (about 40 split groups this year, FTR). I've asked one of our most experienced staff, who has mentored GTP students in the past, to mentor our NQT this year. You don't get any more time mentoring if you're a HOF as they assume you have the time to do it in.
  12. I'm also on 39/50 a fortnight. Last year it was 42/50, was I being cut short?
  13. In my school, my HOD teaches 20 lessons a week out of 30! Non HOD teach 27 out of 30.
  14. In my School teachers teach 35/45 and HoD teach 35/45!! So no difference for HoD. We don't get extra time for NQT's and I had two last year!
  15. I teach 41/50 - one less than everyone else. I have no KS3 corodinator and I do literacy and the NQT/GTP students on no extra time.

  16. No wonder I look the way I do!

  17. No wonder I look the way I do!
  18. September

    September New commenter

    Old post resurrected.
    I have managed to sort my dept timetable so that as a HOD of a core subject I will be teaching 13 out of 25 per week. My reason is how can I monitor the T&L in my dept if I am teaching the normal HOD of 21 out of 25. I will also be able to cover lessons when staff are absent as I do not want my students to have cover lessons with non maths teachers.
  19. alison1605

    alison1605 New commenter

    How can you look your department in the face, having such a light timetable????? If I tried to get that one past mine, I would be lynched, and rightly so!!!
  20. All HoDs get 6 hours non-contact in a teaching week of 25 1 hr lessons. However out of this we take one hour for a line manager meeting with SMT and any NQT or student mentoring. In the past we have shared mentoring around the department, according to who may have a lighter timetable and, of course, who may have mentoring as an item on performance management for those looking to advance up the responsibility scale. Looking at the responses, it seems we have a reasonable system.
    General teaching staff have 3 non-contacts (2 PPR +1) and deputy HoD have 4.


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