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How much milk?!!!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by minxyfish, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    Please can anyone offer me some advice on how much milk/how many feeds my 6 month old should be having? I'm only confused as she is now combination fed, plus we are doing baby led weaning, so I really have no idea how much food and milk she is taking much of the time!
    She was exclusively breastfed and feeding on demand for 22 weeks, then we finally had success with her taking a bottle, after trying for months. Hurray! A little bit of freedom for me! Since then, and after consulting an expert, we introduced two bottles of formula and began feeding to the following routine, give or take an hour (the routine was mainly because she was feeding every 1.5-2 hours round the clock and I was exhausted):
    7am: Breastfeed
    11am: 7oz formula
    3pm: Breastfeed
    7pm: 7oz formula
    10.30pm: Breast dreamfeed
    3am: Breastfeed
    We are totally fine with this and it seems to be working at the moment. At 21 weeks I started offering her finger foods, which she initially just twirled around in her hand. At 23 weeks she started putting the food in her mouth, and there's been no stopping her ever since. As she's now on solids I'm unsure on when/how to cut back on the milk feeds. I understand that if I was still feeding on demand then she would reduce her feeds herself, but how will it work now we are feeding to this routine?
    I don't want or need to stop breastfeeding yet as I'm not going back to work until the end of August. Maybe it would be better if I swapped the 11am back to a breastfeed, so that all her daytime feeds are by breast? That way she can let me know when she's wanting to drop one of them? Or should I make the bedtime one a breastfeed again, so that when I do go back to work she'll still have the morning and bedtime feeds from me? Shall I drop the dreamfeed now she's eating more in the day?
    I make 7oz bottles as that's what the box says a 6 month old should have, and more often than not she'll drink all or most of it, but sometimes she only has 3oz or so, I think when she has eaten more solids.
    Minxyfish x
  2. I may be wrong - but I think babies get their nutrients from milk until around 9-12 months. My little man is 5 1/2 months - he is solely breastfed as he won't take a bottle. eats loads of solids and hasn't dropped a milk feed - I wouldn't worry let your LO take the lead.

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