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How much milk at 9 months?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by anon766, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. I really want to see the replies to this cos have been struggling for weeks. LO is 8 and half months and for the last 4-6 weeks she will only have 3 milks a day and is not always bothered about these! She will generally have about 5 oz in the morning, 4 mid afternoon and up to 7 at bedtime. Some days it isn't as much as this so we are lucky if we reach 15/16 oz. She just sees milks as supplementary to food now. She too has three meals (main and pudding/fruit) a day plus a fruit/yoghurt snack. I was really worried at first but HV told me not to as long as she was drinking (although annoyingly she won't drink water just heavily diluted baby juice) and having yoghurt, cheese etc. I think she just wants to be an early toddler!!


  2. Well I think that you should both count yourselves very lucky, as my little boy is not drinking ANY milk (see my current thread!!). [​IMG]
    We can't even get the bottle anywhere near him now, so the only milk he is getting is what I manage to squeeze onto his cereal (although he has just started refusing Weetabix, Readybrek and Porridge!) and his cauliflower cheese etc. If he was having 2 or 3 milks a day like both your LOs are, I would be over the moon!! Until this recent refusal to have any he was having 2 bottles a day of about 6 or 7oz, so I don't think that either of you need to worry.
  3. Thanks bruno! So far today LO has had about 4 oz in total...not a good day! Lots of food though...and we're about to go on holiday so I can see that adding to the stress [​IMG]

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