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How much is your tea/coffee fund?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tafkam, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. we pay 40p a day and we can have as much tea/coffee as we like!- doesnt include biscuits thou!!, but whenever it is someones birthday then that person brings in biscuits or cakes!!
  2. I find it strange that people are complaining at anything from £10/£15 per old term. I do our tea money, it is an incredibly annoying job, lugging cartons of milk, coffee, tea etc around and no only brand name will do otherwise big complaints. I have been doing the tea money for the last 18 months and every term I am out of pocket by at least £30 yet feel I can't ask for more, and going by some responses on here - it show yes some people would complain. I do not believe anyone is out to rip people off on tea money - if you're not happy with the system - offer to run it and see how hard it is!
  3. School pays the lot.
    We have "real" coffee on the go all day. School pays for biscuits etc (even tho' we are a "Healthy" school. We also provide fruit for the staffroom. Our cook often gives us fresh, homemade biscuits as well.
    People bring cakes etc when it is their birthdays, or sometimes, just when they feel like it.
  4. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Bragging are we clancy?! I'm proper jealous of ya.
    I'm the milk man from our school. System goes out of the window when visitors come in / PTA / meetings as all my milk (paid for by staff) is used and then I face a barrage of complaints.
  5. What a long thread! We pay £1 per week, pro-rata for part-timers. I organised it for a few years but got fed up. Hooray for the LSA who does it now.
    However, we are forced to use skanky safety beakers with plastic lids if we take a drink to the classroom. I bought my own because I kept getting the trots due to bacteria trapped in the lids of the communal cups. Does anyone else have this daft rule! Does this not affect my human rights?
  6. Yes we do too, after TA broke a cup over some kids head. I tend to ignore such rules though [​IMG] my need for a brew overpowers my sense of duty!
  7. Oh, and we have a machine (35p a cup) or take your own stuff.
  8. At our school we pay between £4 and 3.50 per half term for our tea fund. This seems reasonable to me. As a bit off fun we blind tested a variety of tea bags to find out which one we should adopt for our staff room. Now at lunch time if we happen to be in the staff room together, we make a ritual pot of tea. We find this helps with staff morale. Also once a month or so we have a baked potato lunch, where we all bring in some food and the head provides the potatoes. We have just started doing fresh coffee and cakes for our TAs every half term as a thankyou. As many are also MDAs they don't benefit from the baked potato lunches.
  9. I have no idea how the stuff for the staffroom works as I don't use it - we all have the tea/coffee facilities in our year groups/phases. I work in Reception and we have no set rota/fund we just supply as and when something is needed. Everyone is pretty honest and we're never short.
  10. Does it not get a bit insular though Kels? We have separate play times for different phases and can go days without seeing some colleagues [​IMG]
  11. Not at all - our classrooms are all based on a long corridor so we all have to pass each other at some point during the day and most of us make the effort to talk to each other. We do see more staff than others but like I said when we see if other efforts are made.
  12. We have just been issued with 'safety' cups. Everyone has their own one though. First day of use led to one scalded mouth, one ruined display that was being prepared, and 2 spillages down clothes. So much for health and safety!
  13. tangerinecat

    tangerinecat New commenter

    I'm looking forward to Monday - the mum of one of my pupils works in a coffee shop, and to celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight she is allowed to give away £50 worth of Fair Trade tea, coffee and hot chocolate. She's chosen us to donate it to - what a star! [*]
  14. We had "tea buckets" on health and safety grounds - sadly not a bucket-sized cup of coffee (which might have been suitable for getting me going and coherrent before 9am on a Monday morning), had to transport hot drinks around school in basically what was cheap washing up bowls from the pound shop during school hours. You balanced your cup in your washing up bowl and trotted off to your classroom, and left the washing up bowl along with the other 10 breeding under your desk until the staffroom ran out of them.
    Oh's work has a coffee machine and you HAVE to use their cup holders - which are basically hoops you slot them into - so now you don't manouver a cup of coffee around, you manouver some large, unstable contraption around with hot liquid in - they're much more dangerous really but tick some H+S tickbox somewhere (not to mention someone's always forgotten to put 'em all back in place).
  15. First of all, isn't it a sign of the times when we reply more to posts about tea and coffee than anything else...lol

    Anyways, to get to the point, as head teacher of small rural school, we each contribute £1 a week for tea bags, coffee and milk, I do the buying and the coffee (real I must say) is on by the time everyone else gets in in the morning... Anything left in the fund at the end of term goes towards the staff night out kitty, and we tend to bring in cakes and biscuits when we feel like them. I occasionally provide lods of fruit for the bowl and it goes very quickly.
    Seems to work ok for us.
  16. It is my first year as an NQT and the school that I am in has been extremely generous to teachers. Since January 2009 they have provided free tea/coffee/orange juice/apple juice/ Robinsons squash in the staff room. On top of that staff are given free toast at break times. While it lasted it has been great. Though now the head has cut down on 'unnecessary' costs and we all now have to pay £10 per term for tea/coffee only.
  17. We don't have a fund at our school as staff deem it "not worth it" however, they deem it completely acceptable to take other people's milk out of the fridge every week to make their cups of coffee and the like. My milk always gets stolen and is never replaced. There is only myself and 3 other teachers who buy milk, yet we are a two form entry school and the staff count is in excess of 40!! The 10 pints of milk that me and the other teachers buy somehow seems to disappear very, very quickly!!
    It infuriates me that milk and coffee etc is not provided but also that your so called professional colleagues cannot be bothered to bring in their own supplies but think it's okay to steal yours. Having read some of these other posts I shall now be taking my own flask in. At least then I'm guaranteed a cuppa and I'm not funding my selfish colleagues.

  18. concernedstaff

    concernedstaff New commenter

    On the subject of tea/coffee funds who owns the money in the fund paid in by staff?
  19. onmyknees

    onmyknees Established commenter

    Ours is all free. The only perk.
  20. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    We used to have tea and a range of fruit teas; fairly posh coffee, hot chocolate, various squashes and biscuits .... at a cost of £1 a week. Collecting the money was a real chore - so many people said 'I don't have coffee, so I'm not paying that much' or similar. So that plan was ditched and it's now free - but we have the most budget tea bags you can imagine, which produce a cup of dishwater, and the cheapest coffee, and that's it. If you don't like it, you bring your own.
    I'd rather be paying the £1 a week!

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