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How much is your tea/coffee fund?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tafkam, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. Re TAs I don't like to point the finger but they are not on the washing up rota (although they have longer breaks) and I have seen them leaving their spoons and cups in the sink. They have a habit of leaving them in my room too!
  2. I work at a school in Germany. Apparently when the fund for coffee (and tea) runs out, there is another request put in. About three weeks ago we had the third payment of 10 Euros (school started on September 14). I think it's great because there are some days you just need that kick to keep going, and my staff is really great about keeping a thermos full at all times!
  3. I work and train in lots of schools round the country & think that staff should have hot drinks available at break time-preferably made for them & tidied up. Teachers & support staff work so hard and are always pushed for time- I think that their well being is really affected by the way they are looked after by management of tea, coffee etc.
    The best schools I know have a paid member if the support staff who makes the tea, coffee & hot chocolate. sorts out healthy snacks, fruit & buns etc & even if staff contribute a bit, it is subsidised by the well being fund. If you think about Maslow & how important it is to be looked after & have good blood sugar, it's actually not that much to pay. With the future cuts, I'd urge all good Heads to continue looking after their staff, staff rooms & toilets- Having staff feeling they are valued counts for a lot!
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  4. Sorry - I am the head of our small primary tea, coffee, drinks biscuits etc are all paid by the school. I find it quite insulting that head's let professional people worry about funding or spending time arranging refreshments.
    Breaks are short enough anyway, refreshments should be provided for the staff. I am pretty sure that we would not want a team of doctors to have to pay for their refreshments and have to spend time taking turns organising it. A TA is paid (after being asked - Mais Oui!) to get the resources.
    The amount of money it takes out of the budget is negligible. If we ask staff to be professional and give of their best, let's not burden them with meaningless tasks.
    Mind you I hear quite a few schools do not provide a meal when staff have to stay for events later in the evening - Heh we like pizza - and so do the staff's children.
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  5. I am also a Head of a large primary school, and I agree with Ronask. I have very high expectations of all our teachers (who all work extremely hard) and the least I can do is pay for tea, coffee, milk and even the sugar. Biscuits, doughnuts and the odd cake are a treat though!
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  6. I work at a smallish school, we all pay £5.00 every pay day towards tea, coffee, milk, biscuits, fruit tea, decaf coffee, decaf tea, squash. The lady who sorts it is a treasure and a canny shopper so will regularly give us a free month as she has stocked up enough on the previous months by buying in bulk (apart from milk!) I don't resent it at all as it is well managed and there is always plenty to eat and drink. I gladly pay each time she asks because I really would not like her job!
  7. kimatham

    kimatham New commenter

    We pay termly at our school for coffee, tea and milk, it usually works out at £12.50 depending on the weeks in the term. It doesn't cover the biscuits or cakes as these are provided by the member of staff who has a birthday. If it has been a particularly 'bad' week, the head will bring in a healthy option... fruit, or some chocolates. All contribute, part timers pay half. We also have lovely parents who understand our 'needs' haha and bring in the odd cake or packet of biscuits. But hot chocolate and marshmallows sound good, may suggest it at the staff meeting!
  8. I'm currently a supply and drink tap water all day at school because the politics of tea kitties and trying to track down where the honesty box is kept is too much of a pain in the rear to deal with as a general rule (if it's a regular school for me and I know where the honesty box is I may occasionally grab a cup and generally just chuck a couple of quid in to cover me for a fair few times I'm in a school - since I'm a one cup of coffee as I fall outta bed on a morning gal school and it's that rare I drink hot drinks - I'm a source of profit in the places I do that!). This thread confirms a lot of that - we're not all coffee-stealing crossword addicts on supply! I always feel slightly cross on behalf of the staff when visitors get offered coffee out of the staff coffee kitty coffee when I'm around different schools.
    My old place had possibly the best tea kitty going - think we all chucked in a fiver and it was just asked for again whenever supplies were getting low - had squash, hot chocolate, tea, coffee (and decaf), sugar (but this was the one thing we always were running out of) etc and it all generally lasted a half-term(ish). Large primary though (one of the biggest in the LEA) so we had a lot of staff putting into it and we pretty much all did since there was so much variety on store - also large staff = lots and lots of birthdays for biccies and things anyway.
    Before that I was at a place where you had to pay something astronomical like £2.50 a week or something - was forever getting hit for £20+ tea bills (the tin always went round just before payday as well) - the cost there was just downright ridiculous considering what we got really!
    I've had some fabby parents - had the parent helper who regarded all the staff as surrogate children who needed looking after and providing with cakes and chocolate biscuits (she'd be in hearing my readers and I'd turn around and find she'd left me a cup of coffee and slice of cake on my desk at the start of breaktime!), and another parent who'd come in the first day of term with the contents of the M+S yummy aisle for the staff with a smile and a "thought you'd need these to get through the first day back with our horrors!"
  9. £5 per half term. Which reminds me, I haven't paid yet......
    We still have times that we run out of sugar or milk!
  10. Hi Carrie,
    You are blessed to have a hospitable Head.

  11. Hi HP,
    Wow, I like how Maslow comes in here. Never thought that! It is true it is about staff well-being.

  12. £15 per term!
  13. We pay nothing at all. We tried various ways of getting money out of people- to no avail! Now we get free tea, coffee and sugar and milk. The person who buys the breakfast club stuff buys extra milk and the rest is provided by the Office.
    Erica Z
  14. I collect money from our staff termly 40 per day for teachers 20 per day for T/A's for that they get coffee/de-caff coffee, tea/de-caff tea, milk, sugar AND dish washer tablets, and if we have built up a float they get a free term occasionally, Friday is treat day so I organise a friday cake rota we are a large staff so our turn does not come round too often (approx twice a year) hot chocolate sounds good I'll have to see if money will stretch to that!!!
  15. We pay £5 every 2 terms(new ones). Part time people pay pro rata. Non drinkers pay nothing. Cakes and biscuits arrive on birthdays, when people feel generous etc. Everyone pays £1
    to cover '0' birthday flowers.
  16. We pay £5.00 per half term for tea coffee and milk. On Fridays we have a breakfast rota. We we all take turns to provided goodies for everybody. Bacon sandwiches on the D of E Camping stove went down a treat. could still smell it P4 though!!!. We end up buying it twice during the school year,However you have it to look forward to on a Friday morning.

  17. We pay 20p per cup of coffee, 15p for tea and 10p for squash. That includes the biscuits. So I pay £3.50 a week ( for 4 drinks a day)
  18. We pay £1 per week regardless of what role we play in the school, this covers tea, coffee, herbal tea, milk, sugar, sweeteners, squash, biscuits (inc. choccie ones!) and dishwasher salt/tablets. I do the collecting and buying and there is always money in the fund.
  19. We all pay 50p a week and get cookies on a Friday. At the end of a term e.g. Christmas any leftover money is spent on a Staff buffet last lunchtime before we break up. Works really well for us!
  20. We pay in department £1 per week for fresh coffee, tea and milk. School pays for staff room milk but there's never enough as some people take the Michael.

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