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How much is your tea/coffee fund?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tafkam, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. I am so glad I dont drink tea or coffee as we are always running low on coffee and my HT is always apologetic about asking for more money. She buys a huge tin of nescafe in costco which is around £17 and it seems to only last 2/3 weeks!
  2. mrsdowell

    mrsdowell New commenter

    You have certainly opened up a can or worms!!
    I started to drink fruit tea so I didn't need to think about milk and paying through the nose for it.
    The TA who used to organise the funds and shopping had enough of people complaining as well as supply staff and visitors not coughing up.
    We do have a hot water boiler and a dishwasher but we don't pay anything towards it - hope the head doesn't read some of these replies!

  3. We pay £2 per week for tea, coffee, milk, sugar and biscuits (it used to cover the water cooler too but that comes off the mains now). The tea fund is optional. I think it's more than fair and saves the hassle of fetching everything in yourself.
    What I do object to though is the washing up rota. Works out once or twice a term and includes washing up, cleaning work surfaces and taking the tea towels home at the end of the week. I really begrudge doing this as I always wash up my own things anyway. I can't understand why everyone can't do that. The sink is always littered with spoons and empty biscuit wrappers and cake boxes get left on the work surfaces which drives me mad. I also seem to be the only person who knows how to rinse out empty milk bottles.
  4. (pgce student) at my current school they have an honesty box for 20p per cup, however the science dept have their own stash and we just take turns to bring in the odd item.
    prev school had a vending machine 25p a cup - science dept had own stash never asked but in hindsight think there was a kitty (which no one ever mentioned) however i regularly bought in some biccies.
  5. Reading this I'm feeling quite fortunate...
    We pay £8 a term to cover teabags, coffee and milk, pro rata if you are part time. Tea fund doesn't cover biscuits, but it's traditional to bring something in on your birthday. Quite frequently we also have cake or biccies for a variety of excuses including 'it's Friday', 'they were on special offer' and 'I felt like it' which is good for the soul but bad for the waistline!

  6. We dont have a fund, we just buy stuff whenever we spot it needs replenishing..
  7. brewer86

    brewer86 New commenter

    At my NQT school next year its because they forgot to build a sixth form common room in the new building...
  8. My face twitches a bit when I mention the tea and coffee fund - I'm in charge of the tea kitty in our school :/
    I ask for £5 from each member of staff on the understanding that when it runs out I will ask for more and have spent a fortune of my own money on tea/coffee/biscuits because people are SO bitc*y when I send the tin round for more 'Oh, has it run out ALREADY'...um, yes, and I've put £30 of my own in, please pay up :/
    our cleaning staff refuse to pay into it though they scoff at least a packet of biscuits a day, and the support staff who refused to pay into it as 'they never take biscuits' seem to eat twice as much as the rest of us. I have asked repeatedly what biscuits people would like to be fobbed off with 'whatever' and then get snide comments when they aren't to peoples liking and had someone charge in to my room while I was teaching to announce that 'there are no fig rolls' - yes there are, in my store because three packets of them have been eaten in a day and I am not psychically connected to the staffroom to know that I need to put more in.
    I don't even drink tea or eat biscuits - Don't like the coffee I've bought? You know where you can stick your hobnobs ;D
    So, yes. Spare a thought for us poor souls who are stuck with the teafund, it really is thankless.
  9. Why do you keep your kids in the fridge??? So they're chilled out!?
  10. We get tea/coffe each breaktime from school itself. Any more we provide for ourselves, mostly in friendship groups...it works well for us!
  11. Last year we were paying £20 per term, which I think is mad. This year it has been reduced to £10 a term. This doesn't even include biscuits. However, it does include soap and washing up liquid. Yes, we do pay for those!
  12. Healthy Schools!!! No biscuits allowed.
  13. We pay £5 per half term, and that's for tea, coffee, milk and really really yummy biscuits :) That's for the department fund, we don't have a whole staff room one!
  14. I'm 'in charge' of the tea fund in our department. We pay £1.50 a week or 30p a day for the part-timers. This is for unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits. This is enough I think but the problem is not every contributes on a regular basis, although they still use the provisions and complain when we run out of sugar!!
  15. We are so lucky. Our Head does lots of paid speaking at conferences etc and puts his fees towards paying for our tea, coffee and fortnightly fruit! We don't have to pay for a thing.
  16. Ours is paid through school funds now.
    We used to pay £1 per week, for however much we drank, but the tea coffee etc were used for all visitors/parent helpers etc with some money put in towards these from general funds, but this got very complicated.
    SO as part of our well being our head offered to pay all tea/coffee money.
    We also have 'nice' squirty soap and hand cream in the 'ladies'.
  17. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul Occasional commenter

    Gosh, I'm just so glad that the health fascists haven't invaded my school. As a matter of interest, on what grounds are biscuits "banned" in the staff room? Have the staff voted on this? It is their room, after all. Even the Headteacher is a guest in the staff room. I don't think it's anyone's business what staff eat in there.
  18. I love this thread! I am the 'tea fairy' at our school so this is a matter very close to my heart...! I ask for £1 a week off everyone, no matter what they drink and this includes tea, coffee, sugar, skimmed and semi-skimmed milk and biscuits. If people don't drink much tea and coffee they 'choose' what they want to pay but as long as everyone pays something its usually enough. Unfortunately it is the people 'at the top' who usually fail to pay up - typical eh?
    I agree with the poster before - any jobs in the school with the whipped cream and marshmallows...?!
  19. Love this thread - I am the 'kind soul' who runs our fund. £10 per term (pro rata for pt-time) for milk, teabags, coffee, decaf, sugar,sweeteners, biscuits and it's always the support staff who pay up first! Occasional drinkers are asked to put 10p a cup in a pot - some do, some don't.
    Most people appreciate me but there are always complaints if there is not semiskimmed & skimmed milk available and heaven forbid I should ask someone to get milk if it looks low on the one day a week I don't work!
    I agree that staffrooms need biscuits but fruit would be nice too only I'm not offering to get it!
    We have a dishwasher but staff don't know how to load it, leaving dirty cups/dishes on table/worktop/insink and most never clean up any spills and it is left to TA on rota to clear up or the cleaner won't clean up the staffroom. Really can't think what some people's kitchens at home must be like.
    I actually don't mind doing the shopping and carrying but I do resent the state people leave the staffroom in - TAs are the backbone of the school, not skivvies!
    I feel much better now I've got that off my chest - now I'm off to Tesco to get milk for tomorrow...
  20. Must be one of the perks of teaching in a prep school but we get our t and coffe, bisciuts, afternoon sandwiches and cake for free, if you want to eat them. But we do have to sit at a lunch table and serve the pupils!! swings and roundabouts!

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