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How much ICT do you use? (Please comment)

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by strictlycymdrama, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Hi I am hoping for your help with some research I am doing. Please contribute and I will pass on my findings to all those who contribute. Hopefully these findings will enable us all to include extra ICT in our teaching.

    Thanks in advance,


    ICT is an extremely important tool to any teacher. As a real technophile I use a lot of ICT in my teaching. I would be keen to know how other drama teachers use ICT to support their teaching both inside the classroom and outside. To kick things off I'll note some of my own uses.

    I have a laptop and a projector in my classroom; I make regular use of a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment); I use a hard drive camcorder to video record pupils' performances; I download clips of theatre and stimuli from Youtube; my SoW is based on booklets created on PowerPoint; our school use SIMS for registers, discipline, reports and marsheets; I use the Internet for research and to locate resources/ theatre experiences; I use iTunes for backing tracks; I use email to deal with school bases correspondence; to avoid losing touch at busy times I use facebook and Twitter; to keep informed I use a variety of news websites and to keep myself entertained I read blogs, listen to podcasts and MP3s.   
  2. pussycat

    pussycat New commenter

    I find my IWB invaluable.
  3. same as you Strictly but no school access to youtube or any other social networking site.
    also have an interactive whiteboard and use it a lot!
  4. Wow a very comprehensive list - this just about covers what we do - the only thing extra are wikis - we use our own purpose built wikis for two reasons:
    1. Each student has their own wiki page and their peers use it to upload comments and feedback - all moderated by us the teachers
    2. We use it to explore and define key words or key practitioners - building definitions and examples of use
    We also use podcasts for revision sessions so the students can download them or just listen to them on line.
  5. Same!! VLE, Youtube, filming for F4L, Interactive whiteboard, SIMS, internet research, music backing tracks for perofrmances, laptop, projector, email, schemes of work include one ICT based research lesson which takes place in ICT room.
  6. Thanks for all the comments so far. Keep them coming.

    Andy68 what ages do you use wikis with?

  7. Year 10 upwards - moderated of course, and when giving feedback/evaluation on performances all entries have to be accompanied by initials so everyone can see the author ... there are a few we have to moderate but not that many at all - and we encourage comments by also rewarding the best 'postings' - we have built in wiki feature on our intra net but there are also on-line free versions. Hope this helps ... what's this research for?
  8. A much belated thanks to everyone who commented on this post!
    Here's the work I did on the subject last year:

    It went down well for my MA and hopefully will be interesting/ useful/ thought provoking for someone!

    If anyone has any alternative uses of ICT in Drama keep them coming as it's always great to learn and develop my practice.

  9. A current fave of mine is a website called twiducate.com it's essentially a safe facebook/twitter. My Y13s love using the social media side to critique one anothers ideas...

    It may be similar to wiki's? Ive never really been sure of what they are!

    Anyhow... Check twiducate out.

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