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How much have you slowed down?

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by lindenlea, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Husband (ex-accountant) has just used the calculator to work out 32 x £1.50. He is well aware our granddaughter(8) would have done it quicker and grandson (5) would probably have done it too, given a bit of time. We don't care - we can be recklessly lazy these days.
  2. stopwatch

    stopwatch Established commenter

    To be honest, I don't think I have slowed down that much. Physically active (you have to be as a PE teacher - even aged 60!) and mentally pretty agile (although my keyboard agility has slowed down a little!). Pretty much have to be do the job I am doing.
    I do think though, that once I have retired this Summer and don't have to be as mentally/physically active, I am going to have to be very proactive to ensure things don't get too sedentary!
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  3. pennyh.

    pennyh. Occasional commenter

    I sleep better- I love that bit of slowing down!
  4. eljefeb90

    eljefeb90 Established commenter

    Blessed sleep...no more anxiety dreams or tossing and turning. Those afternoon naps are good too!
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  5. seasoned

    seasoned New commenter

    I make Perry Como look like a fidget.......
    eljefeb90 likes this.
  6. plot71

    plot71 New commenter

    I went down to 0.4 and replaced the time learning Tenor sax and French. No time for 'work' really.
  7. ljr

    ljr New commenter

    Slow down?... I'm at the gym 3 times a week, Pilates, yoga classes also 3 times a week, 3 health walks a week.
    The maths problem above made me smile having spent the weekend with two young grandchildren (chasing after them on their scooters). The Year One child loves maths and is constantly throwing out sums to catch Grandma out - good job my brain hasn't slowed down yet.
  8. Sally_90

    Sally_90 Occasional commenter

    ...or waking at 3am in the morning with an idea for a lesson resource!o_O

    The afternoon nap is great. My husband has a nap every afternoon -has been doing for years, and as the house is so quiet in the afternoons I often drop off as well, rather than go tippy-toeing around!
    eljefeb90 likes this.
  9. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    I seem to have lost the ability to "like" but I do in fact like your replies. Yoga this am then after lunch wandered up to the shops. Among other things bought a magazine and have been sitting flicking through it with a cup of camomile tea listening to 6Music. Exciting day because the footbridge over the railway line has been reopened. We are getting a new station and they shut the bridge for H+S reasons but now its renovated and I can have my short stroll back instead of the long walk round. Station looking good too. Not all days are so slow but at least I can have a "day off" if I've been too busy.
    plot71 likes this.
  10. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    I have speeded up a lot. My 5k parkrun time has fallen from 32 minutes to under 24!

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