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How much do you rely on texts to teach/test learning

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by nearlyfriday, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. I'm a science teacher teaching maths, currently to foundation level GCSE. With all the new way s of doing 'things', pupil centred learning, consideration of VAK, plts etc.. i'm having a bit of a crisis with the amount of " try exercise 23C Q.4-9" I should use in lesson. (by the way we are a special school with only 2 maths teachers)
    When observing - other school maths lessons MYMATHS features a lot (which i cant use as i dont have a projector) i'm trying to produce worksheets which seem to be just exercises that i made that you would find in texts and i introduce games etc
    honest answers needed to how much do you use texts in lessons.
    ps. any resource pointers would be greatfully accepted too
  2. I pretty much make it up as I go along and then, occasionally, I remember that there is a set of texts on the side that I could use rather than making my own questions
  3. In your situation I would demand a good text book for your set from the department.
    It's hard changing subject. You need a reliable starting point to adapt and develop from.
    You can't be 'all singing, all dancing' straight away. This is the real world! It takes time to build up a repetoire of other stuff and if you're spending a lot of time writing exercises you could find in books, you're not using your time wisely.
    If your students are bottom end foundation GCSE you may also find pack of Entry Level materials and Adult Numeracy resources useful.

  4. I'm no fan of textbooks but in this situation I'd seriously consider it. There was a post on here awhile back about an independent publisher, but I'm afraid the name escapes me.

    I've never understood how people 'teach' from MyMaths, other than getting pupils to read off the screen, what is there to use for teaching?

    If it's a bit of variety you are after then my stock answers are Kangaroo maths (they have some free things and 'Bring on the Maths' is paid for but nice for the SmartBoard) and Modi Learning (don't be put off by the 'APP' moniker, their package gives you materials such as matching exercises right down to Level 1 which might be just the ticket in your situation). Both packages will require you to teach lessons though, not just click through slides!

    TES is great too, I've had some fantastic resources from here, along with free things from the excellent emaths.co.uk (run by an excellent regular poster on here).

    I hope some of the above are useful to you and the best of luck with your classes.
  5. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

  6. Yes, agree with lancsHOD, tarsia is good if you have the time to make your own matching exercises and mrbarton is full of good resources.

    The main reason I mentioned a couple of packages is that if you are starting out then it can take a little while to find what you are looking for on the Internet, excellent as many of the sites are (though well worth investingating).
  7. Some good resources above.
    Also, worth looking at www.active-maths.co.uk You have to subscribe to download/print the worksheets but at my school we have access via an account paid for by our LEA/council and apparently lots of other councils have done likewise.
    On that note, your LEA may have a "maths consultant". Being new to teaching myself, and with 10 years+ "industry" experience I'm always sceptical about people who call themselves consultants ... and whilst you may not agree with some of the styles they might suggest adopting, they generally have a good a idea of the resources available to a school/LEA.
  8. Good point about consultants, certainly in my LEA we have an excellent maths consultant. They are often people who have taught for a lot of years (in my LEA, the guy we have had 25 years as a main scale teacher, I think that deserves serious respect!).

    Thanks to paulpav for the link, I'd not seen that one before, worth a look.
  9. IMO this is why education in the UK is flawed on so many levels.

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