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How much do you charge?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by morrish4, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. I am not planning to tutor with an agency, just on my own by placing an advert in my local newsagents. How much is an appropriate amount to charge per hour? £15? £20? I am new to this!
  2. Ravena

    Ravena New commenter

    I think this depends on the subject, age range and where you live. I teach A level in the South West and charge £25 per hour. I've heard that A level tutors in central London can charge up to £35 per hour. You might also want to consider whether to charge for travelling expenses (unless tutees will come to you) and whether your fee includes any marking of work.
  3. I charge £30 an hour for GCSE and £40 an hour for A level Chem/Bio.

    This includes my personal preparation time, printed questions, print outs of past papers and mark schemes, and travel to the tutee.
    Any overruning is not charged of course- it would be unprofessional to stop your explanation or covering of a particular topic half way through just because your hour is up (unless you have another appointment etc), so it often ends up being £40 for a 1hr15m/1hr 20m A level lesson.
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  4. £70 an hour for A-level Mandarin... because I can.
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  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    £25 an hour GCSE. Lessons usually last an hour, but have been known to have chat with parents afterwards if I'm not in a rush. I have a very good relationship with parents which I think they value. As for cancelling, I appreciate people have things on - I tutor on weekends inc Sundays and know that children do have events turn up. My parents always let me know and as long as it doesn't happen too many times, then I'm happy. It's a fact of life that children have other things on and much better to have a long term relationship with a client over several years.

  6. Hi ,
    you could visit Home Tutors Directory http://www.hometutorsdirectory.co.uk/
    and look at the area where you are wishing to provide private tuition. The directory covers all of the UK and specialises in only listing experienced tutors with a minimum qualification of a degree.
    There are several hundred tutors and tutoring agencies advertising their private tutoring services on the directory, so you will be able to get an idea of what to charge as a tutor. This obviously depends on several factors such as experience, the subjects and levels you are offering etc.
    More advice regarding what to charge as a private tutor can also be found in the Tutor Guide - "How to Become A Private Tutor " - http://www.hometutorsdirectory.co.uk/TutorGuide.html
    Good luck.
  7. 2 years ago, £20 an hour for KS3 science.
    1 year ago ish £30 an hour for A level biology.
    now £30 an hour £40 an hour a nd a half A level Biology.

    I think £30 is good value for A level- includes prep, chat to parents after.
    I think if anyone asked now I would charge £25 hourly for GCSE.
  8. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Ooh that is impressive!
  9. Fizzbobble

    Fizzbobble Occasional commenter

    I charge £25 per hour for GCSE and £30 for A Level. I live in the north. I am also able to tutor and coach degree level and I charge £40 per hour for that.
  10. reva13

    reva13 New commenter

    I average £84 per hour and pay £24 per hour commission on that to agencies for admin and marketing (and keeping my rate high). I know several tutors whom charge £120+ and a couple who can frequently break £10,000 per month. With 8 years experience, I've learnt that there are two ways to make real money as a private tutor:

    1) Become an online tutor - I wrote this post to try and help people to get online.

    2) Move into higher education private tuition (to open up daytime hours). I practise what I preach and set up The Profs to try and encourage more professional tutors. Happy to share all my experiences! I want tutors to be treated as professional service providers similar to how society treats lawyers and accountants.
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  11. primenumbers

    primenumbers New commenter

    One of my former HoD used to charge at least £50/hour but he lived in North London. I used to think it was crazy that someome would pay that much. Now I think it is quite normal for London.

    If I have to pay double that for someone to look at my boiler then I think £50 is not enough.
  12. angeldew1

    angeldew1 New commenter

    Funny cos I thought university professors coached degree level. That is after all what students go to Uni for. They don't need anyone else to tutor them. They have enough tutors at uni and they pay 9000 a year for the priviledge. Some daft students then if they pay you as well for degree tuition.
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  13. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

    Daft, lazy or less able perhaps. If they were tutored through school it's possible.
  14. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    I get £24 an hour for both GCSE and A level.

    I reckon that's fair enough.
  15. Fizzbobble

    Fizzbobble Occasional commenter

    I never met one university professor who ever coached me. They provided me with the lecture materials and the learning was up to me. That's what uni is for. Some students need a little more help if they have English as a second language or if they are dyslexic. Or, if they have a unit to do which is not in their usual sphere of knowledge. Eg medical students; anaesthetists need a lot of Physics and maths which they may not have studied for some time. I'm not sure if your response to my post was intended to come across as rude, but it certainly doesn't add much to the original discussion here, angeldew. Are you a tutor?
  16. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    Actually I disagree - most of my tutees are clever kids who are just not very confident in their abilities and need a bit more help.

    One or two you can't help - those you quietly get rid of if you can.
  17. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    £45 an hour, except for members of my running club who get a discount. But I do a little tutoring for interest and to supplement my pension, so it is not important to me.
  18. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I charge a flat fee of £25 for all key stages (I cover 3, 4 and 5) but add an additional cost for petrol of up to £5. I've never had anyone turn me down at that price; I think it's pretty competitive.
  19. hoalarg

    hoalarg New commenter

    I charge £35 an hour for 11+ and primary. This includes travel.
  20. NoSuchThingAsNormal

    NoSuchThingAsNormal New commenter

    I don't travel to anyone, they come to me & I charge £25 for GCSE and A level. I plan to increase the A level rate to £30 from September.

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