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How much do Supply teachers get paid?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by annaboo, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Hi all....I am just about to start teaching with Supply Desk in Brighton. Can anyone tell me the daily rate of pay?

  2. Hi all....I am just about to start teaching with Supply Desk in Brighton. Can anyone tell me the daily rate of pay?

  3. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    Obviously you have registered with the agency in question; did you not discuss your daily rate at registration or interview? Your minimum daily rate should also be on your Terms of Engagement document which you will have signed.

    Agency rates can vary hugely depeding on the area and your level of experience, depending whether you are an NQT or not. They set their own rates and will try to get away with paying you the lowest possible rate if they can. I believe rates vary between £80-140 per day, with £110 being about the norm, but the best people to ask would be the agency themselves as they will be employing you.
  4. hi you must remember to do the following simple equation.

    Your M1-6 salary divided by 195 days you can teach. This gives you your daily rate. Dont let them give you anything less.

    i get paid £148 a day for M6

    hope this helps


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  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    That equation works perfectly for LEA supply.
    However if you work in an area where most schools use agencies, you face the choice between lots of days at about £100 per day or a few days at £150+.
    You can sometimes negotiate a little more, but in the end you have to decide how much you want the work.

  6. marthauk

    marthauk New commenter

    I'm an NQT but done supply for about 4 years, I'm currently on £125 a day but started as unqualified on £85 and every term or half term I've spoken to my advisor and suggested I deserved a raise! well if I don't know one else will!!
  7. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    Hahaha. You won't get that from Supply Desk. I worked for them last year and started on £105 and got a raise to £110. With my other agency I started on £110 and got a raise to £125, but it's difficult to get more than that out of an agency.

  8. I'm on £110 a day. I taught for two years before going on supply in September and they did say to bring up the issue of a raise as and when. I know I should ask for a raise but I'm just not sure about asking! What exactly do you say?!

  9. sorry to be a wet blanket but youre obviously not standing your ground.

    I work for Capita as it happens not LEa supply also remember they charge us out at over £200 per day so you are entitled to be paid your rate for your M1 to M6.

    If we all accept their pittance of a rate they will continue to pay it.

    I am considering starting my own agency and paying teachers their due rate.

    Ill keep you posted for anyone to sign up to!

    it makes me cross when they make so much out of us.

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  10. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    I was only M3 anyway so the £125 I got WAS my point on the scale. But from my dealings with Supply Desk, especially down here (maybe in London they pay more, I don't know) I doubt anyone gets much more than that, regardless of experience.

    I do agree though - I'm all for being paid what you're worth. Which is why I left schoolteaching and now get £44 an hour.
  11. I'm with 2 agencies up in South Yorkshire, Protocol and Teaching Personnel and I am £114 a day from one and £105 from the other. I am MPS 2.
  12. accent education in the midlands will pay up to £151 a day for the right teachers.

    as for how to ask,

    simple if you think you think youre valuable you walk in and say enough is enough i know i am sourced out at at between £175 (for NQT's) up to £210 for top scale teachers and i need a pay rise or i will have to wrk for someone else who is willing to pay me what i am worth.

    As supply agencies are losing some work to cover supervisors they'd rather keep you than lose you!
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  13. I have been a supply teacher in the North East for 4 years ( 3 unqualified) and recently switched agency to one called EYPS... they have apparently just started doing secondary and pay me £120 a day... that's in line with my pay scale. They are REALLY helpful too.
  14. Have u started your own agency then? If you are based I'm the north west, can I please sign up???
  15. Mitzka

    Mitzka New commenter

    I'm 120 per day in London
  16. I get £90 a day before tax, out of which the agency takes a further £11 a day which goes into a holiday fund that I then have to claim back. If I don't claim it back within a given time the agency takes the money! Lying, cheating ***.
    But the upside is I get all the work I want (2 days a week) and I feel no loyalty to them or any guilt when I turn down **** jobs that they try and foist on me - an afternoon's work 30 miles away? I don't think so, dear.

  17. Not enough!
    I get £125 and £120 from the agencies I am with.
    I am based in south Birmingham.
    A few years back I got £147 with one B'Ham agency, but those days are (sadly) gone.
    One agency (rhymes with prays and begins with a "H") tried to put me on a £100 "flat rate" a day a few years back and I told them to jump in the lake.
  18. MademoiselleP

    MademoiselleP New commenter

    Hey !

    I am getting freaked out by all your posts . Are you mentioning your day rate AFTER tax ? I hope not because after tax , I get £80 / day ( it's £110 BEFORE tax for me ), and I am on M6 !!!! I get about £9 / day as "holiday pay" but it still feels light ....In this supply agency , they have their own scale ( as lots do apparently) and I am on "Point 4" of 10 as they give you a rise after 20 days supply with them ( I must be nearing them now ) . I wonder how much people are paid / day if they're on "point 1" . Hardly worth it I imagine .

    I've been doing supply on and off over the last 4 years but I've been lucky enough to find long-term maternity covers ( 1 year) so I've really been doing daily supply for the last month regularly.

    I still think I get a very raw deal .....

    Next year , I am going to try to register with the LEA as according to their salary table , I should get £165 before tax at M6.

    I'd be relieved if someone told me they share the same experience as me . It still would not make it right though .... How do they expect us to take charge of difficult classes , subjects we're not specialists in and to mark work on top of the rest for these paltry sums ?

    I'd like to know which agencies would give me a fair ride ! Any advice , please shoot my way !

  19. Hello, I've just qualified a few days a go and I'm looking for some supply work to see me through to September.
    The agency I'm with told me that I would start off as an unqualified teacher at £75 pounds a day. I have sighed this contract. Now my QTS certificate has arrived and they only want to put me up to £85 pounds a day. I was told by a consultant that they would pay me £115 a day once I had QTS but she is now denying that she ever said that.
    I really feel that I am being ripped off but I don't know what to do about it [​IMG]

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