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How much Disability Allowance do you get if your child is ADHD?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by coolasacucumber, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. the headteacher of the primary school told me before he moved into my year group.
  2. maj


    So as i thought gossip then.
  3. madwoman

    madwoman New commenter

    "There is no scientific diagnosis based on an imbalance of chemicals in the brain for ADHD. Apart from the parent and school questionnaires and a consultation with the child, how else is it diagnosed? What other avenues are explored? "

    you really don't know very much at all do you?

  4. maj - no CAHMS have also said that they feel it is a mis diagnosis and are reassessing - I don't have time to sit listening and sharing 'gossip' - is this what your headteacher does?

    madwoman - I asked a question - I genuinely wanted to know what other avenues are explored as I have not found any in questions I have asked of others or research I have tried to do. If you know the answer and are just too arrogant to share it and prefer to belittle then why bother responding.

    In the research I have done on the ADHD websites I have found, I have not found any OBJECTIVE scientific assessment to diagnose ADHD. Questionnaires, ratings scales etc are neither objective nor are they scientific.

    ADHD was decided upon by a majority vote in a show of hands in USA.
  5. madwoman

    madwoman New commenter

    if you look at a brain scan of a child with adhd, the portion of the brain (responsible for the 'controlling' chemical is ********.
    This portion does increase with age but will never be 'normal'There are still plenty of websites out there that don't know about current research and findings.

    'ADHD was decided upon by a majority vote in a show of hands in USA'
    Yes it was, as doctors didn't know what to call it, in fact it has always been in existance, medical records show such cases in the 1800's. In fact einstein is said to have had adhd.

    There are more tests for adhd than there is for most mental illness, do you doubt the existance of depression? bi-polar? scitzophrenia? etc.
    If CAHMS say they have mis-diagnosed then they are probably right, they are the experts
  6. U shouldnt believe everything u get told I have 8 yr old daughter and I know shes got adhd iv been trying to get help off doctors and keep hiting brick wall I have 2 other daughters and dont have any problems with them 2 iv noticed frim when she was younger that something wasnt right with her and as shes getting older shes getting worse so u cant say that other woman its bad parenting u dont see what she does day to day do u your just goin on hear say or u goin to say mines bad parenting aswel I do everything with my kids and she just dnt seem to listening nothing works she doesnt conceratrate shes active all time I dont hardly get any sleep
  7. It's comments like yours that are the reason i am home educating my daughter. I would hate to think of her being picked on and called naughty because she required extra help and attention. I have read this conversation in disbelief. Who are you to judge other people personal circumstances and what makes you such an expert on their lives. Clearly you are a perfect person with no faults at all and your children are also perfect.
  8. I can't believe anyone who works in education would post such damning comments about a parent then have a photograph of themselves next to the post, making it easily identifiable. Are you trying to lose your job?

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