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how much commission do agencies take?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by sam29, May 12, 2012.

  1. £200 a day seems like a lot. That is about £90 on top of my own wage.

    I am on long term cover (a term) and am getting about £110 a day for this. This is the same as I get for a regular day without the level of work. However I view the extra job security of a long term place as balancing out the workload, especially as half my classes are on revision and/or Btech. But I have had agencies that only paid £90 a day (£70ish after holiday and tax deduction) It varies by location as the pay gap was consistent in the 2 locations I would teach in.
    However in Bristol the only agency that ever got me work was the one which I knew charged the schools some £20-30 less than others as they had lower admin costs. I think as well most schools don't want to hire supply when they can "fudge" it with TAs, cover supervisors and internal cover, especially at those costs.
  2. When I first did supply in 2003 the agency I registered with paid me £132 per day. When I came back to supply in 2008 they paid me £132 per day or £ 137 for SEN. In 2012 it is still £ 132/137. No increase in 9.5 years. Am registered with 2 other agencies who both pay more and I choose to work for those, obviously. All agencies ask me to go to schools who "refuse" to pay more than a certain amount (usually £20 less than my daily rate), if it is local and pleasant I sometimes take the work,but usually refuse on the basis that agencies are businesses and if they think I will work for less then they can charge the school the usual rate and make an extra £20 per day. In effect I am driving down my own worth. The other side of the coin is the possibility that I do get less work because I cost more.
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  3. Agencies profit varies but a lot has to taken into consideration on why they charge more.

    They are a business and provide schools and teachers with essentially a service, often consultants in agencies will have contacts and working relationships which can open teachers doors and opportunity that might not have been so widely available.

    They offer fast solutions to schools as they don't have to crb clear the teachers themselves etc... The agency provides this peace of mind to school. They obviously make Money but not all agencies are out to rip teachers and schools off as this is short sighted.

    Honestly the agency I worked for got me my perm role now and helped me with advice etc... They wanted to ensure I was happy so school was happy, could not have got my current role without my consultants connections.

    Don't rule the agencies out
  4. Welcome to my word!

    I'm based in a London primary school 12-5 four days a week as a P.E teacher/Sports Coach.

    I get paid £55 per afternoon. The agency takes £55 per afternoon as well, so they charge the school £110 for a lunchtime session, two P.E lessons and an after-school. £20 for lunchtime session, £70 for two P.E lessons and £20 for afterschool club. Any money the school makes on top of the £20 from after-school club they are meant to keep however I'm not sure if the agency are getting the extra £100 a week or if the school is keeping it.

    Those prices are usually the going rate/hourly wage for someone with my experience/qualifications however the sports/supply teaching agency are taking 50% and then have the cheek to charge 10% of my monthly invoice to cover "arranging our wages in a tax efficient way".

    Definetly intending to approach the school about employing me directly or through my own company. Haven't heard from the agency for over a month, I do all the work, planning and evaluating and they take 50% of the money and do nothing apart from a flashy presentation to the school to get the contract and that's it!
  5. I on USP2 but when I return to supply I will be paid £85 a day gross. Standard agency rate regardless of the agency I work with.
    That is what the many agencies are paying around here.
  6. It is long term supply when the commission is the worse. School phones the agency - we are desperate for someone who can do x. Agency phone you. You are told to negotiate your hours with the school. The placement extends into long term, you are left to negotiate the length of the term with the school. The agency forget who you are. They take commission though. After 12 weeks they refuse to pay you to scale because the position is an easy NQT post.......
  7. ruthtreen

    ruthtreen New commenter

    If you want action on this and advice, please get in touch with the NUT Supply Teacher Network. We are coordinating action on this and are having a lobby of agencies in major towns on the 1st June. Go to www.teachers.org.uk/supply to get further information and sign up to get your rights defended (free for first year of NQTs and £1 for the 2nd year, reduced rate for supply teachers See https://www.teachers.org.uk/members-reps/new-teachers). We are fighting for a central register as in Northern Ireland with real pay, conditions and pensions into the Teacher Pensions.
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  8. Luvsskiing

    Luvsskiing Established commenter

    "I do all the work, planning and evaluating and they take 50% of the money and do nothing"

    That's how agencies work. Mind you, they do have to make a few phone calls at the start of your contract. that must be worth a few thousand. Seriously, why would anyone work for an agency? There's no need at all. They are just middlemen. They don't have special powers, insights or deals with schools. They aren't in business to help you. You just don't need them unless you are too lazy to market yourself directly to schools.
  9. programme

    programme New commenter

    Bad week for me :) First I stumbled across the invoice from my agency to my school !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much are they making?????? Then I find that I am paying the employer's NI contribution (I have an email from my agency saying I am not) as well as my own .I go through two agencies, one does PAYE, one doesn't. (Just joined the NUT to join the campaign)
  10. PizzoCalabro

    PizzoCalabro Established commenter

    @programme interesting re the school invoice. One of my agncy had an IT glitch this week, and instead of sending me my cof, sent me the school conf :)
  11. Luvsskiing

    Luvsskiing Established commenter

    what's a 'cof' or 'conf'?
  12. davidhamptontrim

    davidhamptontrim New commenter

    Here is a link to a report based on 200 Hampshire schools, in terms of what is paid and then what is given to the supply teacher. Well worth a read - http://report.wydelta.com
  13. davidhamptontrim

    davidhamptontrim New commenter

    the average agency in Hampshire takes 33% roughly.
  14. PizzoCalabro

    PizzoCalabro Established commenter

    sorry 'conf' ie confirmation
  15. waqas2905

    waqas2905 New commenter

    It varies between £40-£60 on supply agency and school budget. I was Head of Dapartment and was getting £200 a day, the agency were charging £255!!

    Its hard to find a decent agency that will offer you a fair rate, Iv usually had to haggle with agencies, and they have quickly upped my rate by £10/£20 a day
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  16. donrickles

    donrickles New commenter

    Agencies will try to get preferred status by undercutting other agencies.
    For a teacher 250 daily cover supervisor 140 daily schools will pay on average.

    you can do the maths

    160 is about top daily rate for a teacher 120 is average.
    70 for a cover supervisor.
  17. MissGeorgi

    MissGeorgi Occasional commenter

    When I was an NQT I earned £70-£90 a day. Now as MPS 6 I earn a minimum of £120 a day, usually £130-£140. My agency gets approx £220 per day I believe.
    Don’t forget that if you are asked to do extra eg planning, marking, you MUST bargain for more cash. If full duties you must peg it to equivalent teacher pay- eg MPS 6 is £179 a day. Don’t know what the others are, net will tell you. After you have worked in a placement for 12 weeks the agency MUST pay you to scale by law.
    My best piece of advice would be to be indispensable. Do an exceptional job and the agency knows they have to pay you well.
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