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How much clothing do I need to get for the baby and in what size?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by jubileebabe, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. My baby is due in 3 months and so far I've bought nothing.
    I'm not sure how many sleepsuits and vests I'm going to need and in what size.
    I've read that people have bought newborn size only to find their baby was too big for it but I guess there is no way of knowing that in advance!
    Does the baby wear a vest under a sleepsuit or not?
    I live in Italy and it is very hot here in July (when baby should be 3 months) so I'm wondering what he or she should wear in the hot weather. Maybe just a vest?
    So...... how many sleepsuits and vests should I be getting in size 0-3 months? I'm thinking to get just a 5 pack of each in newborn size. Is that likely to be enough? I'm not bothered about getting special outfits at this stage, I'll maybe get just a couple, I'm just concerned with having enough of the basics without going overboard!
    I'm planning on buying most of the clothes in the UK from places like Tesco as it is so much cheaper than what's available here but it will mean that I can't return stuff if I overbuy. I'd rather buy a little too much than have to send my DH out to buy stuff here with the prices they charge though! I'm also thinkng of ordering newborn, 0-3 months and 3-6 months all in one go so I don't have to worry about the baby growing out of stuff and not being able to get to the shops.
  2. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Some babies are very sicky so you'd get through 5 vests/ sleepsuits in a day- I would get at least 10, preferably all whilte or very pale pink/blue so they can go on a hot wash. My daughter was a winter baby so we put her in a vest, sleepsuit and cardigan during the day and a vest, sleepsuit and sleeping bag in the night (although she was too small for a sleeping bag at first- we used a cellular blanket tucked in under the moses basket matress. For a summer baby you will need vests on their own, plus a sleepsuit on top if the weather is cooler- look on the grobag website for a clothing / temperature guide, I recommend the gro egg for reading the temperature of the room, it changes colour when the temp changes.
    Size wise, my baby was small (6lbs 12oz) so she went in tiny baby at first for 2 weeks, then newborn for about 6 weeks, then 0-3 months. You can;t really tell what size your baby will be until s/he is here! But it's probably best to get a range of sizes, especially as it's a pain havign to go out to the shops in the early days, we didn;t manage a trip to the shops until she was a week or so old. If anyone you know could offer hand-me-downs that would help, babies wear tiny sizes for such a short time that they are hardly used and look new still. Hope that helps, good luck xx
  3. all_heart

    all_heart New commenter

    You might appreciate these in labour!!!!!
  4. I live in Italy so can't just go to Tesco and get more if needed! The baby clothes in the shops here are soooooo expensive, I can't bear the thought of sending my DH to buy a two-pack of vests for €25 when I know I can get a 5 pack for £5 in the UK!
    My plan is to buy a few multi-packs from the UK and have them sent here but I really had no idea how much stuff I should be getting. I don't want to over-buy but I'd rather have a few too many than have the hassle and expense of buying stuff here once the baby is born.
    Good point about the tuble dryer. We don't have one so I need to consider how long things will take to dry.
    I think I'll definitely buy bit more than I was originally planning and leave some of it unopened, then I can always open it and use them if I need to but it will make nice gifts to friends here if I end up not needing it.
    How many cellular blankets did you get? Did you get any fleece or other types of blankets too? I haven't even starte to thin about bedding yet!
  5. I've intentionally over-bought because I know I'm such a slacker for putting a wash on every day! Obviously the rest of the world doesn't necessarily have the willpower of a gnat where domesticity is concerned...
  6. [​IMG] I could have written that! I know some people might disagree but if a poo leaked onto a vest I would simply cut it off and bin it! Life's too short and my house is too small to have a load of pooey things soaking before I can move my behind to get the washing machine on! My LO is 14 months and I still buy loads of vests. I think I bought 10 each of newborn and 0-3 vests and bought more as my binning regime took shape. People are very generous and tend to buy you oufits and such, so don't go crazy on them. Hope you can get some reasonably cheaply! Good luck and enjoy x

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