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How may ICT be used in teaching, Learning and in the Practice of Accountancy?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by VTAGabriels, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. How may ICT be used in teaching, learning and in the practice of accountancy?

    Please no excoriating please!!!
  2. I thougt you where supposed to be a teacher so the first part you can answer yourself.
    Accountancy, why is this relevent to teaching? At its basic level the only need for ICT is to complete tax returns on-line, the rest can all be done manually and usually is in accountancy offices throughout the land, only the final balance sheets and sending of letters is normally done using ICT, unless of course you would count a calculator as a form of ICT. Why don't you ask a company such as "Sage" how they feel that that ICT can be used for ICT. Better still I'm sure that Deloitte, one of the largets accountancy firms in the world will be more than happy to help, to save you the trouble their phone number in London is 020 7936 3000.
  3. Also how has this got a 5 star rating? I've not rated it and I'm the first to reply!
  4. I don't think there are enough ICT professionals on the tes connect who can contribute meaningfully to the topic you raised. That is why one or two of them would lambast and fumble to hide their frailties and inabilities. I would rate this topic 5 star.
    Now, direct to the topic, I know that ICT can be used for practically anything; for simulation, recording and replaying by audio and viaual means, for uploading books and reading them online. I sometimes complete tax forms online, upload my financial statements and submit my tax returns online using HMRC software facilitie, but I still ask the accountants how to do it.
    When I have more time I will revisit this topic.
    Well done VTAG
  5. clickschool

    clickschool New commenter

    Are you referring to FE?
    There are a good number of specialist packages e.g. Sage as mentioned above, Peachtree accounting...
  6. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    I don't get this and fear a troll. You claim to be a teacher of 20 years and also an accountant in another thread. Surely you are better qualified to answer your own question than anyone of us on here
  7. I thank everyone for their clever and thoughtful contributions to this topic that I have raised. I really appreciate these, at least for willingly giving your time, effort and knowledge. From your contributions so far, I could imagine that not many accountants of about 20 years experience have registered with Tes-Connect. Yet, I know you could help further with your valuable contributions.
    Therefore, I would appreciate it more if the teachers, learners and other people using ICT for teaching and learning would please reveal the various kinds of ICTs out there that they have encountered and possibly used in the classrooms to teach and to assist learners in the FE, Primary and Secondary Schools, and Sixth Form Colleges.

  8. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    Right, OK I was particularly polite in the last thread VTAG raised where he talked about the ICT and trainings (his word, not mine) need to run a business.
    Now he's trying to ask us what type of ICTs we use. He registers claiming to be a teacher of 20 years, then says he's an accountant of twenty years. If this is the case then he must know about Sage, etc. Hell I worked as a H&S officer in a car manufacter for 3 years, and it seems that even I know more about Sage he, an accountant, does.
    And then we get OreMeister sticking their Oar in for their first post. Only on typing the name here does the (intentional) irony of the name strike me.
    The whiff of troll, and the distinctly nasty smell of phish lingers over the forum I fear.
  9. Cmon, OneMajors; cut to the chase.

    Exactly where do I Fed-Ex the money to?
  10. The topic initiator did ask that there be no excoriating.
    In addition to my previous suggestions, I suggest to VTAG that networking might be used for teaching, learning and in the practice of accountancy.
  11. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    Er, no. If you read my profile you will see I'm a defacto-second in department teaching KS 3,4 & 5 ICT as well as having TLR for Life skills (Citizenship, PSHEE & Careers). In my post I said I WAS a H&S Officer - yes, after being one of HM Inspectors of H&S with the HSE. This combined with the experienced I have from the private sector means that I am actuallt quite well placed to offer advice on training, software and appropriate hardware for the needs of businesses. I just don't believe that this is what the OP is after.
    vocabularies and phrases? I take it then you're are not a British national then. PS - what? No does, or ever has referred to the teaching sector using this abbreviation.
    1. to aid your English the phrase is "insultive attack ON you..."
    2. "no identities..." - I'm not the one without a picture on my account!
    3. "possible working for tes" - well you've not read johnbull's posts then have you?
    4. "insultive attack" - please inform me where I have insulted the OP, as I am frankly baffled by your chioce of words
    5. "homo...etc ad nauseum" - I find your tone, manner, poor grammar, and your homophobic and racist rant distasteful, sickly, and the product of a troll-mind (possible the OP trying to back up their initial posting to obtain sympathy and therefore bank details of some poor smuck of an ICT teacher that does not know anything about e-safety, phishing, scamming, Nigeria and the proliferation of junk / scam emails, cyberwar-fare and the West's concern in the rise of China, and the Stuxnet virus currently preventing Iran from making full use of its Nuclear Refining factories - which might actually be a child in Year 3). It is for this homophobic abuse that I have reported your posting as an abusive one to the moderators and will wait overnight to see what they think. To be fair - it's only what we tell our kids to do, their's no reason why we shouldn't practise what we preach.
  12. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    So you're obviously not an ICT teacher either! Networking? I would agree that the creation of a network is a major step in the development of a business but the type of network will depend upon a number of different issues, far too many to go over here, but would include size of buisness, amount of available spend, tasks required of the systems, infrastructure capability to hold and maintain the appropriate topology. However I may as well say that "Yes, a computer linked to a printer would be a good start"
  13. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    Oh yeah, and can anyone tell my what on earth a PT CAB driver is. I would address this to Oarmeister (dear poster, this is an example of British / American humour derived from film/TV references - don't want you to feel left out) but I feel I'd only get a pack of Google Translate mistranslation in return. I'm fairly 'down-with-the-kids' as far as slang goes but I'm stumpped on this one.
    I do hope its not about being a part-time taxi driver, I feel my life would fall apart if this is what he called me[​IMG]
    Uninspired amatuers
  14. Somebody take this thread down
  15. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    why, when we're having some much fun!
  16. Haven't you noticed that even when you've had a user banned there are the same number of t**ds in the bowl. ICT teachers are bullies. Learn to live with it.
  17. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    Oh touched a raw nerve by the sounds of it. I guess that you've had bad experiences with ICT teachers in the past then. Shame, as I'm actually a fairly reasonable guy, who's concerned that the kids in his class do the best they can acheive.
    And the fact that I have responded to homophobic and racist abuse means I'm a bully now? So all that we teach with our kids about report to adults any problems (both in real life and in e-safety cases) is just smoke and mirrors, one rule for those that know no better and one rule for others who really should be better than this and just ignore it?
    I disagree. In fact I would disagree very severely. Where OPs are obviously trolling then yes ignore, but where there is the distinct flavour of scampi fries (phishing, get it), someone needs to do something to stop it. I mearly point out the flaws in the posts to highlight the potential risks they pose and I'm accused of being a gay honky part time taxi driver (no I don't understand the last bit either). Well, go figure!!
    Just curious, it sounds as though you're not an ICT teacher, so why contribute to the forum?
  18. Hi Ducros, no profile photo, that is evil! However be informed that part of the thread had already been cowardly removed in which johnbrown insulted VTAGabriels (a professional) of having '$20 million in a small country.' What does the racist johnbrown et al mean. Does that statement respond to the OP
    Re: Networking; teachers and learners can use networking to teach and learn, and the accountants use networking in their profession for various accountancy and admin purposes.
    Can someone else with proper knowledge of ICT please interpret the OP to the poor learner H+S Assists?

  19. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    Not evil at all, I was just musing on the absurdity of you claiming I have no identity when I make it very clear who I am. Still this is only your second posting. Ah the arrogance of youth - still so much to learn.
    Taken down, really? Having followed the thread from the start I certainly don't remember JB saying this, in fact his posting is still up.
    Yes but this is like saying you can use a notebook to keep records, so learners can keep notes of what they are learning, and accountants can use to record their double-entry accounts. It says nothing of any value and adds nothing to the knowledge base.
    1. To help with your English again, the phrase is H&S Assistants.
    2. To be fair as you're obviously not a British National so you don't appreciate the fact that being HM Inspector of H&S means that you enforce H&S Legislation in the UK; inspecting premises, offering advice, as well as prosecuting where breaches are found of suitable severity. This is not a job that can be done by anyone, requiring training at a post graduate level (similar to that required of teaching - only with far more exams)
    3. As has been pointed out by other posters, if VTG is serious then he should be using other, more appropriate, sources of information, not an ICT teacher forum where our natural suspicious nature of requests of this type mean we check very carefully before replying.
    4. I also suspect you are VTG and are using this identity for the purposes of trolling - the act of inflamation of a fourm by agressively taking a counter-view with the possibility of insulting behaviour used as part of this aggression. I maybe wrong, that's why I only suspect. However, you've never posted before, we don't know where you are from, you have no information in your profile - all things that look suspicious.
    5. If you wish to make a valid point, please do! 99% of people here use this forum to help each other. 0.9999% use it to troll. The other 0.0001% are up to no good.
  20. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    Situation Update
    Following my report to the moderators of racial and homophobic abuse from OreMajor, the site moderators have severly edited the article in question.
    However, look at post 11 if you want to see the racist and homophobic bile that was spouted by the poster in the first place, where I have take the time (and much pleasure) in highlighting what a particularly nasty piece of work he sounds to be.
    Now - can some one remove this thread (all for you Ducos).

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