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How many technicians do you have?

Discussion in 'Science' started by tyler durden, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. tyler durden

    tyler durden New commenter

    We have a department with 10 full time teachers and 2 part timers. We teach KS3-KS5.

    We currently have 2 full time technicians- but they are struggling- we do have a lot of practical work at AS/A level and our labs are spread out.

    I was just wondering if there was a teacher/technician ratio?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. We have 12 full time teachers and 1 part time teacher. We teach KS3 - KS5 and currently have 3 full time technicians.
    We have only ever had two technicians and they found this to be a bit of a struggle so this year we have three!
  3. Usually have 3 or 4 techies on site during school day. 1 full time and 6 part time.
  4. TecHKnow

    TecHKnow New commenter

    Can I offer as a sugestion that instead of comparing sizes here, that you take a more proactive approach and consult a widely publicised piece of advice by CLEAPPS called "Technicians and their jobs" which will provide a handy formula which will inform you as to whether you have enough technician support staffing within your detpartment and also better inform you as to the work that we do.
    If your department is struggling then there could be several reasons;
    • Wrong use of your technicians time - involved in jobsthat they should be doing like reprographics, cleaning of laboratories or extra duties inherited over the years all of which place a strain on both the individual technician as well as their ability to perform their main duties
    • Insufficient technicians to cover all areas and activities - trying to get two technicians to cover all sciences at all levels
    • Not enough technician hours to service the needs of your department - too many Part-time or term time technicians instead of Full time technicians
    • Technicians which need training - young inexperienced technicians who can't function at the high demanding levels of the job
    If you are subscribed to CLEAPSS, then the same document is available via their web interface at http://www.cleapss.org.uk or on their older CDROM
  5. TecHKnow

    TecHKnow New commenter

    Permit me one typo correction here;
    "Wrong use of your technicians time - involved in jobsthat they should be doing like reprographics..."
    Should read
    "Wrong use of your technicians time - involved in job sthat they should NOT be doing like reprographics

    I apologise for the confusion

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