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How many teaching hours do you get in science?

Discussion in 'Science' started by GreenyBee, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. GreenyBee

    GreenyBee New commenter

    Hello there,
    I was wondering how many hours other schools get to teach their KS4 syllabuses. I have calculated that if we were to follow the AQA scheme of work we would require 333 hours to cover all the content. This does not include time to do tests, give time to test feedbacks or cover all required practicals. In my school we have had our GCSE science contact time reduced to 10 hours a fortnight. How does this compare with other school please?

    Thank you.
  2. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    6h/week for Y10 and Y11; 8h for triple; but start the course (reasonably gently) in Y9
  3. maggie m

    maggie m Senior commenter

    All I can say is lucky you. We get 7 hours every 2 weeks for the new trilogy combined and 9 hours for triple award. Been trying to get this increased for years with no success.
  4. swissboris

    swissboris New commenter

    10 hrs a fortnight for both trilogy & triples. No way we can fit all the triple content in. I have pointed this out and I am awaiting a response from SLT!
  5. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    9 hours a fortnight for Double and Triple. Double is just about manageable but Triple is not - especially biology
  6. hephelumps

    hephelumps New commenter

    Timing is really tight for us, particularly for the chemistry content.

    4 hours a week for double science and 7 for triple.
  7. placebo83

    placebo83 New commenter

    Hi GreenBee,

    Can I ask - where did you get the figure of 333hours from?

    I am looking for the recommended number of hours for teaching to deliver this course. If you or anyone has it, please send me a reply.

    Much appreciated.

    P.S - I need it for Monday 8am. :) thanks again
  8. meaneymon

    meaneymon New commenter

    45mins 3 times a week for a single IGCSE. if the students do all three then 45x9 times a week.

    I don't feel any time constraints and often feel i finish the course too early
  9. DeviousDevil

    DeviousDevil New commenter

    10 hours a fortnight for KS4 - Trilogy and Separate.

    It should be a level playing field. It isn't fair to our Separate Science students that they are competing with students who receive far more time.
  10. alexfeakes

    alexfeakes New commenter

    9 hours a fortnight for all GCSE sciences in year 9.
    9 hours a fortnight for GCSE Combined Science, years 10-11 (ie 3 hours per subject).
    14 or 15 hours a fortnight for triple science in years 10-11 (ie, 5 hours per subject each fortnight).

    The most significant time constraints we are experiencing are with the Combined Science Higher Tier groups (particularly to do the Required Practicals properly) and GCSE Biology (so my biology colleagues tell me).

    The triple science courses have extra and more difficult content and so need more time, but IMO the most significant advantage of the extra time is to be able to do practical work more thoroughly.
  11. sueroberts1962

    sueroberts1962 New commenter

    We have 4 hours 10 mins per week for combined science and 4 hrs 10 mins per week for single science in year 10. In year 11 we go up to the heady heights of 5 hours per week for combined and 5 hours per week for separate science. This is not nearly enough time, but head is an English specialist and so doesn't appreciate or even acknowledge the department!
  12. particlezoo

    particlezoo New commenter

    We get 4 hours a week for combined in y9 and 10 which goes up to 5 hours in y11. 6 hours a week for triple in y9 and 10 increasing to 7 in y11.
  13. mrandmrsscience

    mrandmrsscience New commenter

    We have 3 hrs a week for dual award and 6 for triple. Fitting it in is more of a case of squeeezeee. Last year some classes didn’t make it with some teachers.
  14. honneybun

    honneybun New commenter

    We have 8 hours a fortnight for double from year 9

    triple have 9 a fortnight.

    I would consider our result good on that number of teaching hours.
  15. richgunner66

    richgunner66 New commenter

    Our combined students get 5 hours per week

    The single science triple students get 10 hours per week! It seems a little excessive. I think 6/7 hours per week would be enough for the triple students

    Both sets of students start the course in year 9. Results are very good
  16. UKMoog

    UKMoog New commenter

    We have to moved to triple for all students except the very lowest ability (1 class)

    Yr 9 - 3 hours a week - 1xB 1xC 1xP
    Yr10 - 5 hours a week - run a 2:1:2 rotation flipping every 13 weeks or so to ensure each area gets the same total teaching time.
    Yr11 - 2 hrs for each of them.

    Biology is still the one we're struggling to get in!
  17. BW12345

    BW12345 Star commenter

    We run some extra curricular science GCSEs, 2 years one hour a week, plus online support if they're stuck. Years 8 and 9. Recent results were 7 8 and 9, average 8.0.
    The catch(es):
    1) they're voluntary courses
    2) not *|$#&@* Biology!

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