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How many teachers should be on playground duty?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by anon2189, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. We have one teacher for 150 juniors at breaktime and some very disruptive children on the yard. It is not uncommon for fights to break out between boys in year 6 and I seem to get a lot of attitude from them, I think because I have never taught them so they try to push the boundaries with me.
    If we have a supply teacher in who is covering a teacher on duty then they are sent out on their own. This seems unacceptable. Especially given the behaviour of the children.
    In addition to this, our playground is the entrance to the school so the gate is continually being opened as people walk in and out. The children themselves have the job of opening and shutting the gates on to the road which I don't think is at all safe.
    Thankfully there have not been any bad accidents on the playground while I have worked there but I am just waiting for something to happen. I feel completely unsafe at playtime. I have always been good at managing behaviour but I am struggling to control the children I don't know out on the yard. My feeling is that there should be another person out but I know I will make myself very unpopular if I bring this up!
    Do other schools only send one person out?
  2. literarybimbo

    literarybimbo New commenter


    I tried bringing it up at mine and yes, was unpopular!

    I work in a school with teachers from various nationalities (Secondary). In some countries, France for example, teachers are not required to do 'surveillance' and furthermore it is seen as 'below' them. This means, they simply don't turn up to do it. There are no consequences despite it being in their job description.

    I did playground/ football court alone and I do caff alone. Over 3000 kids at the school so I don't teach that many and I'm new...and English is not the majority's first lang. Shambolic.

    Sounds like you need more at yours too. At least if SLT told them/ warned them etc they'd do it at yours :)

  3. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Surely this is a H&S issue.What happens if there is a accident?
    We have one teacher and about 4 HLTAs / TAs on duty for about 250+. One person always covers the gate and lets people in.Another yard containing about 60 older pupils has one teacher but no access to get out unless they climb the fence which is about 8' high. We always have TAs out 1:1so it depends on how many pupils require 1:1 supervision.It is a primary school.

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