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How many points progress each year is expected from your children?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Rachste, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Would you say 3 or 4 per year is totally unrealistic or is it just me? Have been told that 3 is satisfactory and 4 is good!!!!! What are you working towards?
  2. Would you say 3 or 4 per year is totally unrealistic or is it just me? Have been told that 3 is satisfactory and 4 is good!!!!! What are you working towards?
  3. tigeresslady

    tigeresslady New commenter

    We work towards 4 points progress. But majority make 3 I would say
  4. teacherofmany

    teacherofmany New commenter

    Three is average. In my Y6 class this year some of them have made an APS gain of 16 points (and a class average of 10)!?! It's not because I'm an amazing teacher but because their behaviour is no longer preventing them from learning and performing.
  5. We talk about sub-levels not points and would expect children to move 2 sub-levels within a year eg. from a 3c to a 3a. Are sub-levels and points the same thing?
  6. thats 5 years progress in one year????
  7. we expect 1 and a half sub levels = 3 points (i think) so from 3c to a 3b/a.
  8. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    We expect one whole level in Yrs 3 & 4 combined in our first schools and another whole level during Yrs 5 & 6.

    The reality is somewhat different, with the split of progress generally not being even, but we are working on that!

    That allows for less progress in Yrs 3 moving key stage and Yr 5 moving school.
  9. One and a half is reASONABLE IF SCHOOL IS giving normal value added
  10. Is 1 and a half the same as 3 points then??
  11. FAO teacherofmany

    So the class average is 10 - from low 3c to a high 4a in ONE year?? Have I got that right?
  12. We are targeted for performance management on 50% 2 parts plus and must discuss any child who has not made 2 parts. Am I right that is 4 points?
  13. How on earth do you work out a half level??
  14. So each sublevel is 3 points? What are OFSTED looking for?
  15. Each sublevel is 2 APS points. As a guide, 3c is 21 points, 3b is 23 and 3a is 25.

    Hope that helps,
  16. akimbo

    akimbo New commenter

    The nationally expected progress in KS2 is 1 level for each two years - that is 6 points -so yes, 3 points per year is what is expected (or 1 and a half sub levels)
    These are the points score for various levels:
    2C 13
    2B 15
    2A 17
    3C 19
    3B 21
    3A 23
    4C 25
    4B 27
    4A 29
    5C 31
  17. Oh, meant to mention that in my school we are targeted with between 50% and 90% (depending on year group) to make 4 APS / 2 sublevels progress each year. The head looks at averages and we only have additional support offered if the class average is below 2.5 APS progress.

  18. thanks Gentleben I get that but not sure how anyone would work out a half of a part level (3 points)?
  19. Akimbo is right by the way, I was slightly out there.

    Last post on this thread for a while!
  20. This is interesting. I am expected to move ALL children two sub-levels (presumably 4 points)eventhough the Special Needs Children,who are slower learners, tend only to move one sub-level. I always feel I have failed those children if don't get them 2 sub-levels progress.

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