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How many periods do HODs teach?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by MonalisaVito, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. MonalisaVito

    MonalisaVito New commenter


    Just wondered if you could share how many periods you all teach per week and contractually what does it say?

    Advice sought!
  2. pianopete

    pianopete Occasional commenter

    Not sure there's anything written in my contract about PPA. We have a 50 hour fortnight timetable. Standard allocation is 44 to include 5 PPA and one emergency cover.

    I was told that heads of core subjects teach a maximum of 38 out of 50. They also don't have a form. I think for other subject leaders it varies depending on size of the team, take-up and all the other timetable machinations. Most of them also have form groups.

    In my first two years I've started with a few more frees than that above but they've always ended up giving way to various timetable changes. I don't think there is a standard!
  3. MonalisaVito

    MonalisaVito New commenter

    Thanks. Think all schools vary dependant on uptake etc.
  4. secretsiren

    secretsiren Star commenter

    We have a 30 period week (one week timetable) and my department teach for between 25-27 periods (27 is the max and 25 is the norm). I teach for 24 so get one period more than my colleagues. However, I also have to timetable in two meetings per week so I effectively end up with less non-contact time in which to do marking, planning and HoD stuff. I also have a form group.

    It's very tough.
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  5. fairypenny

    fairypenny Occasional commenter

    I teach 37/50 but I have a tutor group.
  6. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    I teach 40/50 as HOD. I think there are some non HOD teachers in my school who teach 45/50 but I think the average is about 43/50 so I reckon I get about 2-3 more free periods than non HODS in my school. I am not a core subject.
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  7. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    40/50 plus 2 meetings. So 8 hours per fortnight of actually-getting-stuff-done time.
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  8. richard2212

    richard2212 New commenter

    As a head teacher, I always tried to ensure that classroom teachers had a minimum of five fifty-minute periods per week of non-contact time. This allowed for three periods of PPA time, one period per week for attending a departmental meeting and one period 'spare' for the possibility of being asked to cover for an absent colleague. I tried to ensure that heads of department had a minimum of ten non-contact periods per week to allow for their own PPA time, leading the departmental meeting and other leadership duties associated with developing a team approach to raising attainment. Non-contact time was a bit more generous when students were off timetable to prepare for or sit national exams. On the other hand, winter staff absences meant that time was always tight. I always felt that I was merely pump-priming and appreciated that I was heavily dependent on staff good will to provide additional time to address pupil needs.
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  9. NewbieHoD

    NewbieHoD New commenter

    Crikey. I work in FE, and many HoDs don't teach at all.

    There is a shift in thinking going on, and all HoDs are being "encouraged" to take on some classes. Currently the guidance is between 3-6h per week.

    For comparison, full time staff teach 26h out of a 37h working week (business hours).
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  10. Mrs Grumpy

    Mrs Grumpy New commenter

    Actually, often ended up with less free time than the promoted staff in my departments, for a variety of reasons - including taking over an awful class that happened on timetable to another member of my Dept, when I happened to be free.
    - "Something" to adjust the overload was supposed to be done .... oddly it never did!
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  11. jago123

    jago123 Established commenter

    At my school, it all depends on the individual departments and how many colleagues are actually in that department. We operate on a 2 weekly timetable with 25 periods a week.
    A core subject like Maths or English where we have in total 10 colleagues including the HoD, the respective HoD's would have around 12-13 periods a week that are non contact, that equates to around 25 every fortnight...
    If the department is smaller then it is much less as there are less teachers to teach lessons
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  12. MonalisaVito

    MonalisaVito New commenter

    Thanks for your responses. Makes for interesting reading. I'm a newly appoint HOD and have a teaching allocation of 28/30 per week. I have expressed my concerns and have contacted my union for some advice. My department plays a significant role within the school( without giving too much away). Seriously concerned!
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  13. secretsiren

    secretsiren Star commenter

    That's not even the 10% PPA to which you're entitled as a normal classroom teacher!

    You need to argue this with your line manager first - it is impossible to do the additional duties of a HOD with no time to do it (and I say this as a HoD who had no additional time last year). Either they give you time to do the exam analysis, data reviews, book reviews, forward planning, observations and feedback, line management meetings etc. or they can't expect it all to get done.
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  14. MonalisaVito

    MonalisaVito New commenter

    Thank for this. I am currently trying to sort it out however SLT have attempted to resolve the problem by putting two members of staff in to teach Higher and they have never taught it...EVER! Whilst I'm happy to support, this requires time and as such when results potentially may dip (no disrespect to the staff) but ultimately I will be accountable.
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  15. snail_friendly

    snail_friendly Occasional commenter

    I'm HoD for a core subject so believe I get quite a generous allocation of 12 non-contacts sessions out of 40 sessions - that is not including two sessions of line management and 1 session of sinbin duty.
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  16. Tangalle

    Tangalle New commenter

    I'm a new Hod in core subject. I teach 26 out of 40 per week. Feels quite generous
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  17. Maz86

    Maz86 New commenter

    23/35 plus a cover
  18. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    Small school (4 form entry). For many years HoDs were given no extra allowance on the basis that they were paid more than the others in their dept. Later we moved to 85% of normal loading. However in a small school you can never get the loadings exactly balanced; most HoDs willingly took on a bit more (one lesson/week, for example) so that their staff weren't overloaded beyond their standard allocation. The difficulty some HoDs had in organising allocations was that they wanted to teach across the age range - to have a finger on the pulse, if you like - and on 85% many found they couldn't and had to make decisions about which KS/year they would be missing out on.
  19. ed08a3h

    ed08a3h New commenter

    Twelve hours a week out of 25 but I also had a form group.
  20. stc225coffey

    stc225coffey New commenter

    36 lessons a week and I have 6 ppas a week. I’m hod for drama and music with two supply teachers and a ta so I have to plan all lessons for music and drama from ks3 - ks5

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