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How many paid hours in preschool or school nursery (NVQ3/4/ EYP)- session/ before&after/ PPA

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by foxinLondon, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    Our local preschool with fantastic staff who are all working different hours is trying to make the contracts more professional, at the moment the yearly pay looks good but have a feeling it's not split up properly into session hours/ PPA time and not enough holiday pay. I would be very very grateful if somebody told me how it works for them and if it works well (happy staff & affordable).

    How many hours are usually paid for, eg session time 3 hours once or twice per day,
    how many hours set up/ tidy up time per day? Lunchtime?
    Is there any time for PPA or weekly staff training allocated, if yes, how many hours per week?
    Is holiday pay pro rata always or are there some schools who have an all year round pay, is holiday pay on all hours worked, eg PPA time or extra hours because of covering another member of staff?
    If somebody goes to college/ training etc, are these days and the course paid for?

    Thank you!
  2. At my pre-school we are paid for the hours we are present for sessions i.e. 3 or 2.5 hours. Extra time is added on for setting up, planning, learning journeys and other work done at home. Staff are given 4 weeks paid holiday a year, 25% of a weeks pay at half terms, 175% for summer hols and 75% at Easter and Christmas. All training is paid for at the hourly rate. Any one who was on a training course would be paid. Sick leave is paid at half the normal rate for two weeks per term. Any more than that and they would go on statutory sick pay. We do two full days a week and all staff are paid for 6.5 hours on those days, we are open from 9.15 to 3.00 and they take a .5 hour break. The staff all work incredibly hard and are not paid nearly enough for the hours they do, especially me! (I am the leader). We are a charitable concern and there just isn't enough money to pay for more. Any part time casual staff are paid 10% of total earnings for the time prior to a holiday.
    Hope that helps.
  3. I'm manager at a pre-school... for the next week at least.
    Staff are paid an hourly rate but hours are set at the beginning of the year. Our fabulous admin lady works out the hours worked per week and averages this 39 weeks over 12 months to create a salary. This means that although we only open in term time we still get an August pay packet. We have 4 weeks holiday pay but cannot take term time holiday. Added on as extra hours; staff time on training is paid if it is out of normal hours.(courses are paid for from the budget) Admin time is paid at 1 hour per keychild. Extra sessions worked to cover absence would be added. There is no sick pay - if we don't work it's deducted from salary. (I think SSP would kick in after a week but not certain - I'd have to check the policy!!) Hope that helps!
  4. Sorry - I haven't really answered your questions! We aren't paid by session as such - just by the hours we work with the children, minus a 45min lunch break. e.g. on Tuesday Mrx X worked 9am until we closed at 3 so got paid for 5 and quarter hours (However it's salaried - see above!)

    There is no PPA but minimal paid admin (again see above)
    I must say it is not working well for us at the moment and there is going to be a pay review in Sept. main staff grievances are no paid setting up and clearing time and minimal admin time for Key children paperwork. I'm leaving and so are 2 assistants!
  5. I am paid for 29 hours and I'm actually at the setting for 22 hours a week so that leaves 7 hours for planning, setting up, learning journeys and all the administration including doing the wages. I am planning to leave as soon as we can find an EYPS as apparently 25 years experience doesn't compute against a graduate! However I will continue to do all the administration and I'm going to clock watch to see exactly how many hours I do. The group isn't going to pay graduate wages for admin. My other staff get about 3.5 hours to do their learning journeys, a bit of set up time (we get there when we can and it's all a bit flexible) and their input into planning and tracking. Traditionally in pre-schools, there is a lot of voluntary work done by underpaid, dedicated staff such as mine.

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