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how many nursery nurses/teaching assistants in your school?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by shnarfy, May 21, 2011.

  1. Hi there - have ongoing issues here. We are a one form entry school and in reception I have 5+ people scheduled during the week on a kind of rota system to provide my nursery nurse/t.a equivalent. Only 2 of these are early years trained in any way and the coming and going on some days leaves me dizzy (e.g. I have 5 different people in 1 day!). Also, if there is an incident anywhere else in the school e.g. first aid required or a child having a tantrum these people get called out leaving me with no support. Am I being negative or is this realistically difficult to manage in terms of planning activities for support staff to do with children if they are coming and going all the time? Any thoughts really, really appreciated.
    As a smallish primary I'd also be interested to know how many teaching assistants you have in your schools?
  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    We have 5 NNEB trained staff 2 work in the foundation stage, one as a TA the others are 1-1 SEN qualified.
  3. May2

    May2 Occasional commenter

    We are a one form entry school, In Foundation the Nursery has 1 teacher and NNEB, Reception- teacher and T.A. a.m and a different T.A. p.m. but same two every day We also have a floating T.A. a.m between Nursery and Reception. The T.A.s are not specifically Early Years trained just NVQ3 T.A.s but with several years experience in Early Years. The rest of the classes have almost fulltime T.A. some starting at 9.30 and most classes have a different one in the morning to the afternoon.I think at the moment we only have one class with another extra T.A. supporting a statemented child full time.
  4. May2

    May2 Occasional commenter

    At one time we had different T.A.s in Reception, some not suited to Early Years at all. We fought to get the consistency for the children and to be able to deliver the Early Years curriculum.

    You sound like you are struggling in a very difficult situation. Is someone else the Early Years coordinator in school that could support you in this.
  5. Hi
    We are a one form entry school (just reception, no nursery). I have 1 TA for every day 8.45 - 3.30 but covered by 2 people (one for one day a week and one for the other four). This works well as they provide reasonable continuity both for the children and myself. The benefits are that they cover each other for illness etc too and can both 'double' up for trips etc.
    Your situation doesn't sound ideal and it must be difficult for you to plan, them to know what is going on and for the children to receive any form of consistency. Please talk to your head and see if you can alter it. If it is making you 'dizzy' then this will impact on the children.
    Good luck.[​IMG]
  6. I'm one form entry,no nursery.
    In rec we have 1TA full time.
    then through school there are 3 full time TAs 1 part time TA and 3 1-1s.
    I personally don't think the school has enough support staff but what do I know!

  7. Thanks so much for your responses everyone. Head is not receptive and says we can't afford to employ any more staff. The other TAs across the school only work part time and are mainly concentrated in KS2 - Year 1 only has TA support one morning a week. This does seem crazy but I just wanted to check that other people were thinking similar thoughts!
  8. Hi We are a 30 place nursery and 30 place reception class together in a unit. We have 2 teachers 1 per class 2 TA's for nursery and 3 TA's for reception in the autunm term and this TA works between Nursery and reception in the spring and summer terms due to new intakes so 7 adults for 60 children all works full time. We are a 1 form entry school with 230 pupils on role. Our LEA states the ratio for recpetion is 1:15 and nursery is 1:10 so we need 3 adults at least in nursery for 30 places and at least 2 for reception Hope this helps
  9. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    we have 4 adults (full time) for 56 children
  10. I work in a foundation unit with 28 reception and 26 nursery children, both am and pm sessions. I am the only teacher. The two Nursery groups are 1;13 and are led by 2 NNEBs. So for 54 children there are three of us with me having overall responsibility for the unit.
    In the main school there are three TAs, one for 1;1 hours with a child, the other two are timetabled in either KS1 or KS2 .
    We are a one form entry school with 235 children.

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