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How many milks?!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by LittleMissTidy, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. My LO is now down to 3 milk feeds a day (7am/ 2pm/ 7pm) at 8 months. He does have 3 large meals though, and has 'proper' meals (pasta, lentils, meat etc). I decided to drop the 11am feed at about 7 months and he was fine without it. I did worry incessantly that he wasn't getting enough milk though! ( as it was my decision to stop that feed) Although the recommendation is 20oz a day (which he normally drinks), he's a big boy and I worried he wasn't getting enough. I'd be interested in what others do too!
  2. Hi, my little boy is 8 1/2 months and he is currently on one bottle before breakfast and one before bed. We are currently trying to drop the 11pm feed (but that's another story and another thread!)
    He has three proper meals a day- meat with veg (mashed up) and a yoghurt/fruit for pudding. He also has a snack mid-afternoon, where I try to get him to have some finger foods (usually unsuccessfully!) and a yoghurt. I spoke to my HV about it as I was worried that he wasn't getting enough milk as he only has 7oz in morn and 7oz at bed, but she said that as he is having yoghurts, cheese, cauliflower cheese, whole milk in cooking etc then not to worry at all. She said that they recommend between 15-20oz a day, but this includes all other forms of diary. She also said that baby will let you know if they want more and reminded me that if I was still BF, I would have no idea how much he was having, so should stop worrying!!
  3. I have been wondering this too. The problem I have always had is that my LO usually struggles to go more that 3 hours between feeds during the day, especially in the mornings. I thought this might increase once she was having a decent breakfast but if I give her breakfast at 7:30 she is always hungry for another milk feed by 10:30 which is obviously way too early for lunch! I obviously want to drop this milk feed but don't really know how to do it without LO getting really hungry.
  4. Hmmm. Well, I'm pretty sure just taking one away isn't an option as she is crying for her milk at 10.30 and 2.30 and it's a job to make her go four-hourly! She has proper meals as well, proper food pureed although not vast quantities. She is a big baby though, so maybe she needs more! Might pop along to the health visitor at some point and see what she says. I don't want to overfeed her but it seems to me she is eating a lot of food. For example, this morning she had a bowl of readybrek with fruit puree (nearly as much as I would eat!), a slice of toast and some melon pieces, an hour after 7oz milk and then 2.5 hours later she had another 7oz milk. That seems like a lot to me!
  5. My LO is breastfed so can't really help, but just wanted to ressure you ladybug that at 7 months she was eating a similar amount as what you are describing. She put on a massive load of weight at this time (over 2lbs in a month) and I was advised to drop her mid morning feed and offer some water and a snack instead. We did this without her being too bothered by it. She is now 9 months and her appetite for solids seems smaller to me than it was!
    I think maybe she got over excited when food was first offered and it took her a while to realise what the 'full' feeling in her tummy actually meant, if you see what I mean? Plus, once they start having more protein (I was advised to start giving it twice a day from around 8 months) that fills them up much more than fruit and veg.
  6. Thanks for your reassurance, wormburger! It's so hard to know, isn't it?! I've decided she simply isn't ready to drop milk feeds yet. I am also going to try and up the amount she eats at meal times. She loves finger food but it still stuggling to actually swallow any so maybe once that's sorted it will be time. She's starting nursery in September when she will be 10 months and the nursery leader said they nearly all drop daytime milk then as it is too interesting and they haven't got time to waste on having bottles!
    However, I hope she isn't going to put on 2lb in a month as she is already 22lb!
  7. To help them drop the mid morning feed, give a snack- if they're not into finger food just yet, how about a yoghurt? I substituted LO's morning feed for a snack when she was about 8 months (fruit and a Baby bel usually- now she still has the same, or a Goodies cereal bar or rice cakes spread with soft cheese).
  8. I have a 9 month old who refused to give up any milk feeds ( we're talking 5-6 8oz bottles!) and barely touched solids until recently I was advised by a HV to give his daytime milk from a cup. I thought it would be horrendous as he loves his bottles, but the very first day he started eating proper meals for the first time and wasn't that bothered by the lack of bottle given a few distraction techniques. So maybe offer a snack (as others have suggested)with milk in a cup (if LO can manage one yet) for the feeds you want to drop. HV's logic was that he thought he was too 'busy' to eat proper food and bottle was a quick fix - a cup is not so easy and I found that he just didn't really want much, making him much hungrier come lunchtime.
  9. Mrs Music

    Mrs Music New commenter

    Our daughter only ever took 6oz from a bottle at a time until after a year old. Also it took her quite a while to get the hang of eating so although we were offering her 3 meals a day she was on 4 bottles a day until about a year old when we stopped her dreamfeed. I think around 14 months we decided to do away with the afternoon bottle - she'd stopped asking for it, and we replaced it with a snack (which is now her daily 3pm banana! She's 22 months btw). Only a couple of months ago did we drop the morning bottle that she used to have at about 10am and we replaced it with a snack. She still has milk before bed (8oz) and some on her cereal on a morning. I guess they're all very different and do it in their own time. We tried to follow her lead, but with a few little pushes from us along the way (or else I'm sure she'd still be on 3 bottles a day!). I used to be slightly envious of all the parents who'd tell me that their 8 month olds were only on one or two milk feeds a day! Now, if only she'd drink milk out of a cup...

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