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How many male TAs are there out there?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Gunkey, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Do any exist?
  2. Do any exist?
  3. I've actually seen and spoken to ONE! On our FD course, lovely bloke would actually like to see more males doing the job. All females in our school but we do have two male teachers, we did have four at one ooint.
  4. I am trying to break through as a TA! I realised I am not nearly ready enough to attempt a PGCE. After a lot of voluntary work and a Level 1 TA introduction certificate I am hoping to start paid work via Teaching Personnel.

    The response from pupils has been great, every lesson I get asked who I support etc! Though haven't seen another male at either of the schools i've volunteered at or at any of the interviews i've attended.
  5. Yes, and they are growing in numbers..........

    we have a few regular posters on our forum

  6. I.ve worked with quite a few, some brill some **** in high schools.
  7. I work with one.
  8. I am a Year 3 teacher/deputy head, who has a fab male TA. He also runs the breakfast, after school and holiday club!
    He's great with the children and liked/respected by the rest of the all female staff and parents.
    Couldn't do without him and it's good for the children in the class to have a male role model, which many of them sadly lack.
  9. I'm a male TA!
  10. There are 3 in my department. My school loves them. They need more males to be positive role models for the boys. And also to help in the PE lessons where us women aren't allowed.
  11. Oh. And I work in Reception too. Is there something wrong with me?
  12. Nothing wrong at all! - I am also male and trying to become a TA, I have an interview tomorrow for a post in a Foundation Stage classroom!

    There definitely needs to be more men in the primary school- when I was at primary there were only two full time male members of staff: Headteacher and caretaker, plus a couple of part time music instrument teachers.

  13. We have just lost 1 at our school to do his GTP.He was in year 6 with me,did a great job.All of the staff miss him.
  14. I've just started paid work as a primary TA after being a volunteer for a year. The reception I've had from all the other staff and pupils in the school has been fantastic. There are two other males in school the HT and another teacher.

    I worked in an office for 28 years before starting this and wish I'd done it sooner! I'm working through my NVQ2 currently. It's good to know there's other male TAs out there.
  15. Sounds like me. I worked in office for several years before I had an epiphany. I still get a few funny comments from people, even in my school, due to the ages of the kids I work with but the school seems to really value having a gender balance across the year groups.

    ATC101 - did you get the job?
  16. Unfortunately not!

    Got beaten by someone with previous experience (again)
  17. Great to hear your a male TA working in Reception Seven. I'm a male reception teacher and we definitely need more men in the early years!

    Good luck ATC101 - don't give up - let me know if you would like any help or advice.

  18. We have one in our secondary school, could do with a few more though as I think it is good for the pupils to see men around the place. Huge school and mostly female teaching staff, 70/30%. Males make up SMT - funny that!! The few men who work here have never seen anything like it before. Not a good situation methinks.
  19. I'm over here!

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