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How many lessons per weekday evening?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by Yogananda50, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. Yogananda50

    Yogananda50 New commenter

    In the future, I will be doing GCSE tutoring, and I will travel to the student’s home. But I was wondering, how many homes could you travel to per evening? If you take into account travel time, and lesson time, I don’t see how I could manage more than 2 lessons per day. By then I would probably have run out of time. I’m wondering how other tutors that travel to the student’s house manage their time? How many homes do you travel to per evening? How long do you spend travelling? A rough schedule would be helpful.
  2. BG54

    BG54 Occasional commenter

    I live in an urban area and use public transport. I can manage three lessons per evening comfortably and four is quite possible if I'm able to organise them so that two of the lessons are within walking distance of each other.

    Typically I start lessons for school-age students at 4pm and usually get home between 9pm and 9-30pm.
  3. Lespaul101

    Lespaul101 New commenter

    Two is the most I did of an evening, pre lockdown, any more and I wouldn’t see much of my family.
  4. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    Hi this is an issue I have had myself. I now have students come to my house, but when I was travelling this is what I did.
    Firstly you need to be very picky about location. I allowed 15 mins between clients. I currently do four lessons with the following start times. 3:15; 4:30; 5;45 & 7:00. I have on occasionally done 8:15 but I find 5 lessons is too much. The good thing about having a finish time of 8. Is that if one student is further away you can always push those lessons back 15 mins. I personally need to aim for 20 students per week this year to make it fincially viable. I also want to occasionally see my husband, family and friends. My husband doesnt want me to work at the weekend, but I find it very difficult to get anyone to agree to a lesson on Friday (understandably).
    Best of luck
  5. Yogananda50

    Yogananda50 New commenter

    @BG54 With public transport, how long does it take you to travel between clients?
  6. BG54

    BG54 Occasional commenter

    Obviously that depends on the distance but pre-covid I tried to organise my schedule so that as far as possible it didn't take any more than 45 mins door to door between clients and preferably less. I was also available for one day at weekends in order to boost the numbers. Before the exam cancellation I had 20 students which is about as many as I can handle week in week out.
  7. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    I usually aimed to do four lessons in an evening with the last lesson 7.30 - 8.30.

    There are several factors to consider:
    what time you can do the first lesson, you will be lucky to find 5 students who can start as early as 3.15;
    the distance between students and the traffic, it's often bad especially 3.30 to 6.00;
    how you are travelling between students, you'll obviously need longer if using public transport.

    I also teach A level so I could often do day time sessions when they had free periods as well as after school.
  8. Yogananda50

    Yogananda50 New commenter

    @gainly Do you travel between students with a car? How long does it take for you to travel between them?
  9. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    I used to travel. I used to do 3 at a push 4 but it was tricky sometimes with locations
    I now work mainly at home and they come to me. That way a space is a space, it's not dependent on fitting them in between others
    Took me a while to end up almost all at home but I find most don't question it
  10. doctoryes

    doctoryes Occasional commenter

    For travelling between my students I used to go by bicycle! Was often quicker (and cheaper) than public transport. Can't really see myself using public transport again,, to be honest as wouldn't be COVID secure!
  11. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    Yes I travel by car. It usually takes around 15 minutes, obviously varies depending on distance and traffic. I'm not currently travelling, all lessons are now online using Zoom. I'm not sure when I might go back to face to face lessons.
  12. cwilson1983

    cwilson1983 Occasional commenter

    The last academic year I managed three sessions on the evenings I did tuition. I tried to organise them according to area so I wasn't having to travel across the city at peak times.

    I'd start around 4/4:30pm and with allowances for travel could be home after 7pm and no later than 8pm.

    I got used to it, bit it is a grind, especially if working during the day too. I'd say from past experience two per evening is more than enough to justify heading back out to work again.

    A lot really depends on location, mode of transport, distance between students, traffic.
  13. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    I am lucky that I live very close to two schools one ends at 2:30 and is a short bus ride from my house, they other ends at 3 but is about 10 mins walk from my house. I actually have more problem filling my 4:30 slot! But I do realise I am in a unique position. I think it is still possible to do 4:15, 5:30, 6:45; 8:00, but it depends where you live. I live in greater Manchester, the traffic isn't great, but lots of house so lots of opportunities very close to each other.
  14. Kateray1

    Kateray1 Occasional commenter

    I do 2 but could do 3, it depends on distances between but also the age of the student. Younger Ones I do from 3.30pm. I drive round as I live in rural Oxfordshire and I generally travel 15 mile radius but have done a lot of parents want to pay for the extra miles.

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