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How many jobs did you apply for?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by rugby_gal06, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. As the title really, how many teaching jobs did you apply for before securing your first post?

  2. 35 and got two interviews!
  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Lots, and 9 of them were interviews. x
  4. Loads of applications and 10 interviews before getting my NQT post
  5. sent off about a dozen - got three interviews (one i couldn't attend) and got it second time lucky.

    I was lucky as i was on fire when I had my interview lesson and being a secondary scientist that probably counted in my favour too
  6. I applied for 73 jobs, had about 10 interviews before getting my NQT job.
  7. I got the first one I went for, which I realise is rare. It has turned out to be a dream job too! My best mate on my PGCE did the same and got his job 2 months into the course, talk about taking the pressure off!
  8. First job - About 4 applications, 1 interview and I got the job. It was a maternity cover.
    2nd job - 2 applications, got interviews for both and accepted the first one as it was a fixed term contract to August rather than a maternity cover which would probably end before the summer hols.
    Bizarrely, I don't think I will feel I have my first 'proper' post until I get a permenat job or a job that takes me over a whole year. I am applying again this year as I want to try and get a post nearer to where I live (there were about 3 jobs advertised in my LA last year).
    So far out of 4 applications I have 1 interview on 10th May. I have another 6 applications I have sent that are waiting to close, inclduing one where I got my first job on maternity cover and the head said if a job came up please apply when I left to go to my second school, and I have another 2 to finish and send off.
  9. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket New commenter

    I applied for about 40-50 and got 5 interviews.
  10. PhysicsWithKeith

    PhysicsWithKeith New commenter

    I applied for 5 posts, got two interviews and was successful in my first (so phoned and cancelled the second one).
    Some people on my course have applied for dozens, ney scores of jobs without success. Getting a job seems to be more to do with luck than anything else.
  11. scientist555

    scientist555 New commenter

    Completely agree with the luck aspect. I've had 14 interviews during my PGCE year for an NQT post and have been one away from the position on the last 8 and most of the time been beaten by an experienced teacher
  12. Sent about 6 applications and got job on my first interview, was offered another interview after but obviously didn't attend that one. I had quite a wide search area and I think that helped.
  13. I read your post with interest as I'm going to be starting my PGCE in September. When did you and your cohorts begin the job application process? As I live in London, I was going to apply to try to join the NQT pools that many Local Authorities seem to now operate.
  14. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I stsrted looking in Jan before I finished my PGCE xx
  15. I shouldn't get down heartened then having only sent four with no interview?
    How can you manage to send 50 and not get really stressed/down on it?
    I know I will be good but application forms dont give me the chance to show it!
  16. Does everybody who got a job feel like they got the right one in the end? I had my first interview the other day and loved the school and liked the department but it did go to a more experienced teacher.. everybody says not to worry it wasnt the right school (it felt right:eek:)
  17. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket New commenter

    This is my third time typing this reply so if it hasn't worked I give up!

    4 applications and no interview is nothing. It took me a year on supply, a willingness to move across the country and 30+ applications and I got 5 interviews over a period of 6 months. It is frustrating when you hear people who applied for one job and got it (and well done to those of you that did) but try not to be disheartened and persevere.

    With regards to the right school I love the school I am in and I would have enjoyed working in 3 of the other 4 I interviewed at. The 4th I left after the interview and withdrew myself because I knew I wouldn't be happy. As soon as I got there in the morning I knew I didn't want to work there but it was a hard decision knowing I had no job to go to and no interviews lined up but it worked out well for me.

  18. This probably shows how the world of teaching has changed. I applied for one job, well actually I worked for a supply agency initially and was suggested that I would be good for htis school and they asked me fore interview, I secured the job in the June that I finished my degree etc and started in the September. Not sure if this was a fluke back then or if things were just easier....
    Though tbh if I realised then what the job entails I would have declined the job offer.
    Interestingly, I didn't actually formally apply to a school other than an agency forward my CV until 5 years into my career.
    To date, I have only been turned down from one teaching job.
    Again is this merely a sign of how things were or not and no longer so, I don't know..... but I feel for those new to the profession, but not as much as I empathise with those experienced teachers that are stuck in jobs as they cannot secure another due to being too expensive in comparison to NQTs....
  19. 3 applications led to 3 interviews, got the job on the second one and had to cancel my last interview. I think it was a combination of luck and the 2 tedious days I spent writing the best covering letter I could manage.
  20. 25 and still going. Had 2 interviews from applications and 2 at the same place sent by an agency. 1st one realised they wanted a Cookery expert and second time I never even got a phone call to say how I did. Definitely a lot to do with luck. Just keeping my fingers crossed for a few schools I like to have some openings. I wish Head's would be more specific with what they want and it would save writing a lot of applications and them having to sift through so many as well.

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