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How many hours Drama/performing arts do your students get?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by japonica892, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. japonica892

    japonica892 New commenter

    Our KS3 now get 1 hour a week for yr 7 and 8 and 2 hours a week in Yr 9 (because it is an option in Yr 9)
  2. 75 minutes
    + extra curricular time for those interested
  3. You are all really lucky. Music gets an hour a week at our school but Drama is an hour per fortnight. Impossible to do anything extended to prepare students for GCSE and they are expected to make the same progress at KS3 as in any other subject!!!!
  4. We used to get nothing in Y7, 6 hours *total* in Y8 and once a fortnight in Y9! It was crazy! Now we're on a carousel with citizenship - half a term with them then half a term with us throughout the year. During that time it's one lesson a week. It's so much better and allows you to do projects as with one lesson a fortnight I always found it difficult to get the continuity. We've got the last of the old system in Y9 while the new systems works through and the difference is so clear! our Y7s are over-taking our Y9s in levels already!

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