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How many Art teacher jobs are there?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by ArtistS4, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. ArtistS4

    ArtistS4 New commenter

    I am thinking about doing teacher training starting September 2012 but really wonder if I should as I've heard art teacher vacancies are so rare to find. I would hate to spend all that money training when it might end up being a real struggle to get work.

    Many thanks.

  2. well they cut 50% of the PGCE art, craft and design places this year and removed the entire bursary!! i would imagine that says it all!! also we still don't know if Art of any kind will be in the new curriculum worrying but could be exciting times!!
  3. I think the E Bacc will kill off a lot of Art in schools. It won't get rid of it in most places, but its status within the school will be diminished. Probably salary will get linked up to this one day ( IMO ) so non core subject teachers will get less pay.
    Also ( IMO ) I would think Art teachers without QTS will get some of the vacancies as they are cheaper. At the moment most basic Art jobs go to NQTs as they are cheap. Few schools will pay out for expensive, although experienced, teachers for Art. They might for core subjects, especially if exam results are down. But rarely for Art!! I know because I am on UPS3 and have spent the last 3 years doing temporary posts. I have 30 years experience at teaching Art, Photography and Textiles to 11 to 18 year old,,,,but can I get permanent post? No, I can't, because I am too expensive!! I do not want to be a HOD, as the paper work and extra stuff would take over my life.

    I have seen so many NQT teachers at the point of total despair with their jobs. They love the Art, but badly behaved kids, and the mountain of admin, marking, meetings, planning etc just gets in the way of them having any life....or enough sleep. So many NQTs see their friends in other professions have more time, more money and a far far better working environment. Also, and this is important, adult company, which is a small part of teaching!! If I could wind back the clock I am not sure I would have been a teacher.. Add in all the bad feeling at the moment over pay, pensions etc and schools are not happy places to work in.

    To be fair, I have really enjoyed some parts of my teaching, mainly the work with GCSE and A' Level students. It has felt like an extension of myself as an artist and creative person. But, and its a big but, nightmare classes of 30plus lunatic, work avoiding years 7. 8 and 9 have made me so stressed and unhappy. You have to plough through an awful lot of bad stuff in teaching to get to very small bits of good stuff.

    So if you love Art more than you love education.....be honest!!! Do not go through the teacher training. There are lots of other things you could do with Art . I think the actual job is never going to get easier, the pay will never be high enough for the massive workload and responsibility, and Art will become less important as the government pushes the academic subjects at the expense of all the Arts type subjects.

    Good luck with whatever you choose !!
  4. The art sector in general has always been massively competitive compared to other professions, and therefore any job you apply for within the industry will be no easy feat.
    I'm currently doing a secondary art and design PGCE and am loving it! The cuts, job losses, curriculum changes etc do worry me, but change is happening everywhere. No job is safe, we are all living in turbalent times. If you're passionate about your subject and wish to inspire others then don't let what you read put you off! There were times i did think 'is it worth the struggle?' but i honestly couldn't see myself doing anything else. If i don't try now then when?
  5. Dink_bird

    Dink_bird New commenter

    Although I I know EnjoyAugust is right on many of his/her points, I still think you should go for it and do the PGCE. Your personality plays a big part in how you get on as an art teacher (or any subject, for that matter!) Yes there will be plenty of kids who are unmotivated and will do your head in, but the ones who love art and are talented make it very rewarding. I have just resigned as a HOD because of all the **** that goes with it, but I still want to teach art as I have had far more postive experiences than negative. And, as an arty person, one of the great joys of teaching is that you have lots of time in the holidays to pursue your own painting or whatever.
    It does frustrate me that art is becoming more marginalised as a non-core subject; and the way schools avoid employing experienced staff because they don't prioritise art is aggravating (although understandable from their point of view). The most annoying thing is that SLT will still expect tip-top despite not investing in art depts!
    Anyway, good luck. enjoy the good stuff; accentuate the positive and do your best to eliminate the negative!
  6. Hi
    From my experience where you live seems to play a part in the jobs market. I did my PGSE in Sussex in 2010 so far I have managed to secure just a terms maternity cover last year and a very part time role for this autumn term. I've had to take non teaching jobs to pay my bills between times. So in this area it's pretty tough. However I'm aware that there are more opportunities in other areas. As it always appears to be in Art related jobs, teaching or not, they are in short supply. However , the work I did manage to secure, I've loved. I maybe like a fool I'm battling on to get my NQT induction complete. I naively went into my PGCE thinking I would easily get a job at the end, and it's been a very different experience. Have you tried actually looking for Art Teacher jobs in your area ? this might be a good barometer as to what the situation is like where you live. Good luck with what ever path you choose.
  7. ArtistS4

    ArtistS4 New commenter

    Thank you very much to all of you for responding. I'm starting to wonder whether I should bother. Hardly anywhere seems to do art and design PGCE/GTP now and I don't see how I am going to be able to afford it. I've searched for art teacher posts in my general area and there are none. Although I love working in schools, I might be better off doing something different.

    Thanks again,

  8. I honestly can't believe the negative comments. There are lots of jobs out there... and lots of routes into employment. You may be lucky and get a job whilst still at uni. or it may a take a while, supply is an option. Basically if you prepared to work hard and make yourself available people will ask for you. If you are good enough a job will come your way. Don't worry about the nonsense to do with EBAC that is just one route and will not be right for a lot of students. It may all change within the next few years if we get a new government. Art will not suddenly disappear from the curriculum. My personal opinion is that the subject will get stronger if anything as we are able to teach students how to be independant enquirers, creative thinkers and reflective learners. Teaching is a great career with lots of opportunities for progress, best job I have ever had.
  9. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    In my 26 years experience, this has always been the case.

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