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How many applications before you got an interview and appointment?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by marilyn2, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. adrixargentina

    adrixargentina Occasional commenter

    Oh Taiyah, you've rather weed on my chips there. I was thinking that having just done my 3rd interview (outcome unknown) with a 4th on the way was good and it's only the start of December. I've never taught internationally and I have a trailing spouse and 2 kids, so evidently it will be harder for me.
  2. taiyah

    taiyah Occasional commenter

    There are two big fairs coming up in January (Bangkok and London). Given the exuberant amount of money this cost schools plenty of them are banking on landing their staff during these fairs.

    All you can do us 1) keep trying and 2) you may need to "settle" for one just to get your foot in the door.
    marilyn2 likes this.
  3. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    We’re looking for an art teacher.
  4. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    I didn’t get my job until May.
    Helen-Back and adrixargentina like this.
  5. marilyn2

    marilyn2 New commenter

    What country are you based in?
  6. Helen-Back

    Helen-Back Occasional commenter

    I'd love to be a design teacher / ICT teacher or integrator. I've been taking various CPDs in relevant topics, but no bites at all. So, I'm also applying for upper elementary positions too (which is what I do now) to cover myself. With all the CPD I look pretty good as a primary teacher, but a bit of a novice as a design/ICT teacher. How do I bridge that gap?
  7. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    send me a conversation
  8. Helen-Back

    Helen-Back Occasional commenter

    Assuming you were talking to me........done.
  9. MrStroud

    MrStroud New commenter

    In the same boat here, i'm a lead teacher of MFL (French, Spanish and Arabic) with 4 years experience. I have applied to a few posts in the Middle East but still have heard nothing back.
  10. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    don't take this personally, but they can easily employ people from France, Spain and native Arabic speakers to do your job. remember the whole world applies for these jobs, and most international schools will prefer native speakers for these roles. it's not impossible, but more difficult than you would think for language teachers. you just have to keep on applying.

    best of luck

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