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How long to get response to PGCE application?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Sunnyday50, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Sunnyday50

    Sunnyday50 New commenter

    I posted this in the "Thinking about teaching" forum, but have had no response so I'm hoping people on here might be able to help.
    Did anyone apply for their PGCE at this time of year last year, and can tell me roughly how long it took to get an interview or offer?

    My husband put in his PGCE a couple of weeks ago, and we're wondering how long he might expect it to be before he gets a response from the universities. I know it will vary, but it would be helpful to at least have an idea how it was for other people. He got a message saying his references had been received within a couple of days of applying, but that's all he's heard so far.

    If he gets onto the course it will mean quite a lot of life changes for us, but we can't plan anything properly or start sorting things out until we know whether or not he has a place, so we're a bit twitchy about it. Yes, I know it would have been better if he'd made the decision to apply a bit earlier...

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