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How long to get response to PGCE application?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Sunnyday50, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Sunnyday50

    Sunnyday50 New commenter

    My husband has recently applied to do a PGCE, and we're wondering how long he might expect it to be before he gets a response from the universities. Has anyone applied late in the year like this, and can tell us how soon they had an interview/offer? I know it will vary, but it would be helpful to at least have an idea how it's been for other people.
    If he gets onto the course it will mean quite a lot of life changes for us, but we can't plan anything properly or start sorting things out until we know whether or not he has a place. Yes, I know it would have been better if he'd made the decision to apply a bit earlier!
  2. hlcook89

    hlcook89 New commenter

    Training providers have 40 working days from receiving an application in which to make a decision.
    My course's turn around from reciept of application to interview and offer was 6 working days, but I know of someone who had thier interview and offer in the last few days of the 40 working days timeframe. This was due to their university not holding many interview days at this point of the year.
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  3. Sunnyday50

    Sunnyday50 New commenter

    Thanks for the info. We knew about the 40 days, but we were hoping that at this time of year it might be a faster turnaround because they won't be getting many applications and they'll want to fill their remaining places. I really hope the unis he's applied to are more like yours than the one who kept the applicant waiting!
  4. 43Meadows

    43Meadows New commenter

    Hi. I applied in April and was offered a place within a week. I think it just depends where you are and how many applicants there are.
  5. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Yes, it is usually very quick in terms of being invited to interview. Within a week. Still lots of high quality applicants applying at this stage. Now that it is all uncapped people are leaving it later.
  6. Sunnyday50

    Sunnyday50 New commenter

    3 weeks so far since we heard that his references had been received, but no contact from any of the universities yet. Really hoping to hear from them soon!
  7. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    It really depends who you applied to. Never heard of three weeks. I would just email the course leader.
  8. Sunnyday50

    Sunnyday50 New commenter

    Thank you, I'll suggest it to my husband. It would really help us to know if he's on the course or not, as there are quite a lot of arrangements we're going to have to make in our lives if he is, so the more time we have the better.

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