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How long should you stay teaching in one year group?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dizzymai, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. dizzymai

    dizzymai New commenter

    It is rumoured that our Head is considering asking teachers to move to another year group after 2 yrs. I'm NQT and feel that after 2 yrs I might only be starting to get a handle on planning etc. Also we have mixed year groups so this seems harsh.

    How long do people think it takes for you to really get to grips with teaching a certain year group? How often do other teachers move?
  2. inq


    I like being in a year group for 3 years - 1 - learn all about it, 2 - refine planning and things that went wrong, 3 - enjoy it but then I'm ready to start learning about another year group. Heads don't always agree with this and I'm now on my 3rd year group in 3 years at the same school!
  3. i couldn't agree more with 3 yrs as ideal, 1st is to get to grips with everything, 2nd is to know how things work out and refine them, then the 3rd is to have fun and change things and feel it's all done really well. i'm in my 3rd yr in the same year group and glad i will move to a different yr grp (and different school) in sept, as without this i would be looking to completely change our topics etc to avoid being bored (and boring!)
  4. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    We tend to stay with the same year group for 3 years, although some staff think they have a right to teach in a specific KS and kick up a fuss when moved out of their 'comfort zone' (I hate that phrase!). I have been in both KS1 and 2 while at the school, and keep my fingers crossed that when we're next due a move it won't be to Y6 or Reception! (or, God forbid, Nursery!)
  5. Only NQTs in our borough are sure to get two years, frankly I'm a bit bored doing things for the third time over and find I get lazy with planning etc. I had a scary move from ks1 to yr6, but I must say I've loved it.Teaching is still teaching whatever the age and I enjoy the variety.
  6. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    [​IMG]I've had year 5 for ten years, and for 3 years before that I taught a mixed y5/6 class.
    Thankfully, with curriculum changes (two of them) and time out for two maternity leaves I have not felt the need to change, but I've been back for four years now since having my youngest child , which is the longest uninterrupted stretch I have taught for, and I definitely have itchy feet.
    There is due to be some staff movement come Sept and I have my heart set on y3 or 4.
  7. I taught 5/6 mixed for 4 years, and am now in my 2nd year of Y6, Between the move to a more creative curriculum, introducing Primary framework and a range of different colleagues I don't think I've taught anything more than twice. Even when the topic is repeated the lessons are different because I am teaching different children! Staying in the same year group suits some people and not others - personally I love the challenge of Y6 able mathematicians which many people I've spoken to say they would loathe.

    I can see why Heads would want to move people around to stop them getting stale, but I'm praying I don't end up in KS1 as I don't have the skills and amazing patience of my Infant colleagues.
  8. Haha! After 26 years in the same school in yr 6, with only one year out, I;d say you never get to grips with it - you just keep improving!!! There's always summat new to learn or try - what's what keep s the job interesting!

    Mind you, I think another year as an NQT before you get moved would be useful!
  9. dizzymai

    dizzymai New commenter

    3 yrs sounds about right to me too. Next move for me will be to Reception I think, I would be happy with that but would want to be there for a while to get used to different way of planning etc.

    Gertie Grumbles- don't you fancy trying a different year group???

  10. I think 3 years is perfect too. I recently taught for 5 years in Year 1 and by the end of it I was bored, bored, bored!!
    Since changing year groups I have been much happier.
  11. decj

    decj New commenter

    Me? 18 years in Year 6. Not healthy, but at least I know Year 6 inside out!
  12. NicoleK

    NicoleK New commenter

    Variety is good, but you do need time to consolidate and improve within each particular year group.
    Also, you may find a year group that really suits you. People often "fall" for FS or Year 6 and stick with them.
    I have done 4 years in Year 3, 2 in Year 1 and 4 in Year 2. Love Year 2 at the moment.
  13. I am in my 6th year in Reception and still love it and have no desire to move. We have just opened a Nursery and I am EYFS coordinator so lots more for me to do now. As yet I am not one bit bored, keep changing topics and how we plan and run the day.
  14. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    I always find schools which force their teachers to move every 2 or 3 years are also often the ones who have a more stagnant curriculum.
    I have been working with the same year group team largely for three years now and together we have transformed our curriculum for the better. We asked to remain in place for the third year because we knew that we wanted to embed some of the new ways of working. Had we been changing members of our team more regularly, that would never have happened.
    I thin that that is particularly the case in smaller schools where sometimes you might get both teachers in a year group move out, leaving nothing but paperwork for their successors to go by.
    I'm now in my fourth year in my current year group, and hope to be there for several more as there is so much more I want to do there. And with the changes we've made each year, I've always found plenty to keep me excited by the work we do. And I like to think that what excites me is also what engages the students in my care.
    I have no objections to those who want to move more regularly, but I'd soon be leaving a school where I was forced to keep jumping around.
  15. Grandsire

    Grandsire Star commenter

    I'd really resent being forced to keep moving year groups, but I know it happens in some schools. I've been in Year 6 at my school for about thirteen years now. Not moving around has meant the years have gone by without me really noticing. I'm still just as excited about teaching Year 6 as I was when I started, but now I do feel I've got a handle on what I'm supposed to be doing (about time too, you might say!). I don't seem to have lost any of my enthusiasm, and I don't think I've become stagnant or stale, because I'm well known for finding satisfaction in endlessly re-planning and making new resources. Weird but true.
    I used to dread being asked to move year groups. In fact, I used to plead for "...just one more year to get it right!" In the end, the Head and I came to a sort of unspoken agreement which suited us both - he wouldn't ask me to move, and I wouldn't leave.
    Now I'm not so worried - in fact, I'd probably be really excited by the idea of making all those new resources. But for now, I'm happy to stay in Year 6. The confidence and stability that comes from doing a job I know well gives me a framework in which to try all sorts of new ideas.
    And you never know, maybe one of these years, I'll get it right!
  16. Yeah - I've had enough so I am retiring!
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  17. what - like singles in triples?
  18. Grandsire

    Grandsire Star commenter

    Singles in triples?

    Well, that was a surprise.
  19. Ha ha!
    Rather a delight, actually!

  20. I have been in my school 8 years, well this is the 8th and I on my 5th change !. For me that is too many changes.
    Others have never changed and have been 14 years in the same Year group. I know I moving again in September and to be honest I am running out Year groups I HAVEN'T had (which is Nursery, Reception or Year 1). This is not a good either because I haven't got a good grounding in any Year and we have had 3 changes of schemes of work in the Foundation subjects which doesn't help and guess what we changing things again in September.
    I have also mainly taught mixed year groups of a variety of combinations 2/3,3/4,4/5,5/6 plus a few straight years. The killer was Year 5/6 due to SATS and I only had 6 Year 6 children. My god what a nightmare.

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