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How long for baby to eat properly following a cold

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by lilypot, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Sorry if this topic has already been discussed elsewhere.
    The title really says it - my LO has been poorly for quite a while now. She had the sniffles a couple of weeks back and then on Monday this week, she's had a fever and full on cold.
    As a result, she went off solids pretty much and just wanted milk - understandable.
    However, now she's nearly recovered (allbeit still quite tired quicker than she normally would be) she's still off solid food and as a result, doesn't eat enough, cries (her voice is hoarse which could indicate a sore throat?) and generally wakes up more frequently at night.
    It's rather frustrating because as a reflux-baby, she loved solids and couldn't eat enough. Now, she e opens her mouth for it but doesn't swallow. If you're not careful, she'll have a full mouth - but still doesn't swallow for a couple of minutes!
    For those who have had a poorly baby, how long did 'off-food' last and did they suddenly wake up one day and was back to normal, happy as larry?
  2. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    If still eating something, tends to be a few days/week, but like you when you get colds,some you feel fine straight away, some wipe you out for a while. If a child was eatin nothing after a while and had other ill signs, maybe give doc a ring? But they do go through phases of eating loads/less anyway in many cases.
  3. My son is a little older, but he got a cold at about 19 months that lasted a few days - he's now 25 months and still hasn't really got the appetite he had before back. If your child is hungry, she'll eat - promise!
  4. Don't mean to hijack the thread but Sasha has a real stinker of a cold - I know how bad it is as she's given it to me! The real eye watering, throat hurting and itchy, nose actually like a tap kind. Awful. It occurred to me that adults are told to avoid dairy during a cold and up the vit c - I wouldn't cut sashas milk (about 18 oz a day) really but do you reckon I should cut the daily bAbybel / yogurt etc out?
  5. Hi Astra
    I have no idea about cutting dairy I'm afraid, so sorry I can't help!
    My LO's cold is steadily getting better, but she's still fussing over food. I've managed to get some into her but trying not to 'force' it upon her when she gets distressed (no matter how much I want to say just eat the d*mn stuff!).
    Hope your cold gets better Astra.
    Thanks for the other messages and words of wisdom.
  6. I found finger food went down much better with LO when she had a cold. My theory is that it was hard for her to breathe with a mouthful of much so didn't like pureed stuff. She was much better when she was in control of it so she didn't bite off so much that she couldn't breathe!

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