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How Long Does Report Writing Take In Your School?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ladams091988, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. ladams091988

    ladams091988 New commenter

    Each report takes approximately 60 minutes - 75 minutes to complete.

    With 30 children in a class it takes approximately 35 - 38 hours to complete a whole class.

    We are given half a day to complete our reports (9am - 12am) so for the further 35 hours of report writing is to be found n top of your normal teaching week / KS2 SATS / Writing Moderation / Residentials / Assessments / End of Year Assemblies.

    As report writing seems to be completed slightly differently in every school, how long would you estimate your reports take to complete?

    Does around 35+ hours sound about normal?
  2. Teapot345

    Teapot345 New commenter

    Sounds about right. We do reports 3 times a year for each child and have class sizes over 30.

    We aren't given any additional non-contact time or staff meeting time to write them so how lucky are you!
  3. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Sounds about right to me as well. And I've never been given additional time in any state or independent school.

    Only way round it is to move to an independent or free school with smaller classes, but them you might be doing reports more often...
    I have fourteen in my class and will do reports three times over the year.
    Further up the school also do grade cards at half term and a comment for maths and English, so not necessarily less work, just more spread out.
  4. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    What? How long? What length are these reports?

    Ten minutes per child tops. Say a conservative 20 wpm. 200 word report or less. No problem. Six an hour. Five hours max. More likely 2-3 hours for a fast typist.
  5. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    This is about right..PER SUBJECT.
    Then there are 7-8 subjects per child.
    Hence over an hour per child in total.
  6. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    You primary guys. I’d be programming that auto correct as fast as I could say directed time.
    When I had to produce a lot of reports I used to use a code for each attribute which you out into the auto correct.

    HJ1 Name is doing fantastically well in blah de blah.
    HJ2 Name is doing good in blah de blah
    HJ3 Name is trying hard to do well in blah de blah

    Five codes per comment type. Control H and replace Name with child's name. Then replace every other reference to child with the pronoun.

    I used to have five comment types so I would type for a good child

    HJ1 JK1 AS1 ER1 TY1 Ctrl+H Bobby [Highlight Bobby] type He and [Highlight Bobby] type He

    And a report for Bobby would emerge with five customised statements.

    And then I’d have to do this for each subject?

    Still painful.
    captain scarlet likes this.
  7. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Some people do use comment banks for all their reports.
    Some use comment banks and add in some personalisation.
    Some write completely personalised reports.

    No criticism of any one...do whatever works for you.
    Some people are naff at marking, but write fab reports. Some are great at planning, but never get round to writing more than one comment for each 'level' of child and copying and pasting for reports.
    No one can be good at everything...put the time in to whatever matters most to you.
  8. george1963

    george1963 Occasional commenter

    First one and hour then after that, 20 minutes per child, no more. Couldn't possibly do it in ten mind, as previous poster has said but I can easily get through three in a lunch hour :)
  9. george1963

    george1963 Occasional commenter

  10. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    secondary, 200 reports to write at once, can polish them all off in a couple of hours. None of them re accurate or meaningful, but thats doesn't matter, ad none of them are going to be read, anyway
  11. chainreader

    chainreader New commenter

    Feeling very fortunate- we are given a whole day to write our reports. Each report is 2 sides of A4, the back side is generic statements of curriculum coverage and also attendance problems. The front side is more personalised statements regarding attitude, attainment and progress (R,W,M). Each report probably takes 30ish mins
  12. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    We are given one INSET day to do them and we can do them at home. I just use the previous year's, and change names. That takes a matter of minutes. Then I personalise them which probably takes about 10 minutes per report- so 5 hours in total. Life is far too short to spend on writing something that I know will be in the bin about 10 minutes after it's been read.
  13. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    We get one staff meeting (just over an hour) allocated for report writing, sometimes two. I tend to be slow to start with but get quicker as I go on but even then it would be well over half an hour per child. I tend to write off the May half term holiday for this reason.
  14. jomaimai

    jomaimai Established commenter

    First one, a whole weekend, perhaps 6 hours. Then, about 1 hour each or more. The last 5 probably less.
    I have to write more than 30, half a page x 7 areas + half a page for the child's learning characteristics. An absolute time consuming task that many parents appreciate. Not all! :(
  15. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    For Heaven's sake. You write reports once. For one year and one year only. Sure it might take you a while. But from then on, you just cut and paste in the names of this year's students. The only times you need to take care is if you have a mixed age class and have the same kid twice, or if you have had their sibling, in which case you just swap them around with some other bod. Seriously folks, you write reports ONCE in your teaching life, then you just figgle about with them, e.g. PE boy/Art girl/thickie/brightie...
    Ds2d12 and lardylady like this.
  16. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    That's what I'll be doing this coming term...but have half that number of pupils, so thankfully I can probably manage it.
    Same, which is what makes it worthwhile. If I was in a school, as some appear to be, where parents don't care, then I'd not bother too much.
    Which only works if you stay in a broadly similar year group...otherwise it could get rather strange! :D
  17. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    All our reports from R- Y6 were briefly on the shared drive at school last year. I saved them all so a move to a different year group wouldn't be a problem. I've saved our NQT hours of work and have told her that Copy & Paste is her friend.
    lardylegs likes this.
  18. WB

    WB Occasional commenter

    It varies massively from school to school.

    In some school's it's basically a 2000 word essay for each child; in others 800 words.

    After 20 years I know all the short cuts. I would say 15 hours to finish the whole job including proof reading time and printing with my current school's reasonable format.

    Some of the teachers in my school still find ways to work over 30 hours on theirs. I often have to lie about how long it's taken me to avoid too much close scrutiny. I often say I've spent the whole of half term writing reports when I did them in a weekend a month earlier and I've actually spent my half term relaxing.

    "God I know! Reports! They take forever, I spent ALL half term writing them and they're still not done."

    Primary school culture is different to secondary. Many teachers directly equate hours worked with being a better teacher. Nothing and I mean NOTHING will stop them throwing away their weekends to make themselves feel "professional".
    Ds2d12 and lardylegs like this.
  19. WB

    WB Occasional commenter

    For God's sake don't forget "Find and Replace" check all the his and hers too!
    jomaimai, lardylegs and lardylady like this.
  20. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

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