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How long do you wait?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by finkazoid, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. How long would you guys wait before starting to look again?

    I was offered a job in December and told I will be sent a contract in January....(I know it is still January...and that we have a few more weeks left of it) however...a lot of good jobs are already coming up, and going (The school I've been offered a job at has a good rep and I'm happy they offered me a job)....but,how long would you wait (with no contact from the school) before you started looking for alternatives again....I'm not in a desperate state of frenzy he he..but would be interested in knowing just how long you would give a school.
    I consider myself to be a very good catch (even if I say so myself he he) ie 12yrs plus exp, teaching KS1,2 and some 3 (yrs R,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8), HOD, AHOY, 2 spells in international schools *current school a tier 1 school, glowing references etc. So I do not want to end up just anywhere!

    A bit of background info.
    This is going back a good 11 years now, but I do have precedence for my concern.
    In my 2nd year of teaching, I applied for a job at a Dubai School. I resigned from my job at the time, waited patiently for info and contract (nothing, no replies to emails, phone calls were made and assurances given)...then 2 months before I was due to go, I get an email to say that they would not be taking me, due to the school messing up their work permit applications) Now I'm pretty sure that was not the reason....as you can do that when you get there...however it still left me high and dry!

    One other point is: The school is building a new school to sit next to the current one. This is due for completion in Sept 2012. When I went for interview, I was told (somewhat apprehensively by the head)... that they had not started work on it yet. My question is....would any of you sign a contract that had any mention of the job being subject to completion of the building?

    I would be interested in hearing what you guys think about these two points.
  2. Sorry...just remembered about the chrome issue with paragraphing!
  3. lunarita

    lunarita Senior commenter

    I guess noone can give you real meaningful advice without knowing the school concerned.
    There are, of course, often good reasons why contracts can't be issued immediately BUT
    In your position I'd put off wondering about whether to accept or not until such time as I received the contract.
    Meantime, given what you've said, I certainly wouldn't stop applying for others.
  4. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    As above, keep looking and sending in applictions. A verbal job offer means nothing until a contract is sent. Mine has always followed within the week of a successful telephone interview.
  5. If you are registered with a search agency, a verbal offer (and acceptance) is binding and you could create problems for youself with impatience. If you are registered, I would speak to your associate first and ask them for advice. Only they can let you off the hook if the school truly does fall down but you'll need to be upfront with them. If it has been an unreasonably long time, your associate might provide a gentle nudge to the school, if not, then they would give you a reality check. (There's also the chance you'll be ignored, but hopefully that's not your case :) I have done this both ways, my last job offer came with a contract attached so that I'd know what I was agreeing to. The one before didn't and while that worked out, I'd never agree again without having the words I would be agreeing to in hand.

    If you are not registered with anyone, ignore completely all of my above comment and happygreenfrog's advice is seconded.
    best of luck,
  6. Nope...not registered, found the job through TES.

    Would anyone sign a contract with a stipulation of "offer only valid if the school building is completed" which was hinted at in the interview!

    PS....I've still not received a contract...I'm speculating after the interview.
    PPS....its been 3 weeks since they emailed me to offer me the job!
  7. I think deep down you know the answer to this, No i would not sign a contract and resign your current post and stop looking for other positions for a contract that stipulates it is null and void if they don't finish the building in time. It's a win, win for them - serious loss for you. As we are talking at a guess here the school which is the consort to the Queen in Dubai, and therefore student numbers at this new build also need to be ready for Sept 2012 i would not bet on them.
  8. Yes it is that place!
  9. Keep sending out applications until the ink is dry on a contract.

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