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How long do I have to work to keep maternity pay before leaving?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by mrspebble, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Hi all I've just had my second daughter and am 99% sure I'm going to be leaving to stay at home with girls.

    I used to work 2.5 days a week, how Long do I need to return for to keep my maternity pay??
    When would I need to return if I want to leave at Xmas? I'm not due back until November when
    I would have had 9months off but am wondering how much sooner than this would I need to return to leave at Xmas?

    I think the next time im allowed to leave after Xmas is April- can you leave at a
    Half term??

    Any advice would be great
  2. Hi, you need to work 13 weeks. Why don't you return in September if that's an option? Can't work it out right now as got to go but count back 13 weeks from 31st December- you might find it's 1st September. Don't forget your notice needs to be in by 31st October too!
  3. Thanks for your reply, I'd like to stay off as long as possible but still keep pay and leave at Xmas.

    13 weeks from 31st dec is 1st oct but that 13 weeks includes Xmas hold and October half term - do they count in the 13 weeks???
  4. Yes they do :) (Now I really must go and do some housework, lol!)
  5. Hi. I have been speaking to a friend of mine who is a HR assistant mgr and my MIL who is a HR manager and they both say depending on what type of maternity leave you have depends on whether you have to pay it back and they say that in most cases you don't have to pay it back and this is just a myth. It is only if you have enhanced maternity leave benefits that you would have to pay it back. Of course this may not be true in schools, but it would be worth checking it out with the LA HR dept!
  6. I believe you need to work 13 weeks or the equivalent if you return part-time - so 26 weeks if you're on 0.5. I would check your school's maternity policy if there is one which should state clearly what is required to retain the occupational maternity pay. You obviously don't have to take the occupational pay and could just take statutory maternity pay, which would avoid any issues of having to pay money back.
  7. it isn't a myth in teaching - you have to pay back the 12 weeks at 50%. the rest you can keep.
  8. <h1>Bunique- I'm pretty sure that's if you go back part time after leaving a full time post? So if you were already on 0.5, you would work 13 weeks on 0.5..... OP should obviously check that out to be sure</h1>
  9. Eh??
    I was saying to bunique I think that's if you left a full time post and returned part time, but if you were already on 0.5 and returning to 0.5 you only do 13 weeks. I might be wrong of course!
  10. that's my understanding too....
  11. Gosh it is all so confusing! This is what I have picked up from TES faq:

    'Teachers in categories A and B (i.e. those who have received enhanced pay under the Burgundy Book agreements) must agree to return to work for a period of no less than 13 weeks following the maternity leave.

    This period of 13 weeks may include holidays, e.g. a teacher may choose to return to work on the first day of the 6 weeks holiday. He/she must then work for at least 7 weeks of the new term to reach the 13 week minimum requirement.

    A teacher who returns to work on reduced hours (e.g.. changing from full- to part-time on return) is required to work the equivalent of 13 weeks on the basis of the original hours. For example, a teacher moving from full-time to a 0.5 contract may be required to return to work for 26 weeks (including holidays)

    A teacher not returning to work for 13 weeks may be required to pay back some of the enhanced pay received under the burgundy book scheme. This will not affect statutory pay rights'
    Check out this site for the categories:

    So if you are only being paid SMP which is what I will be I won't have to pay it back as I am category C. The only bit you have to pay back is the 'enhanced' bit- so the non SMP part of your maternity pay. Hope that helps!
  12. apologies for lack of paragraphs- on google chrome!

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